Synaptics ClearPad Technology


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Apr 12, 2001

Synaptics has announced a concept phone based on new "ClearPad" technology.

ClearPad is a thin, high resolution capactitive touch screen that can be placed over any viewable surface. This allows for sensitive touch input over existing screen technology.

ClearPad is based on Synaptics' proprietary sensing technology, and will offer unique capabilities such as two finger input, proximity sensing, text entry and high resolution finger input that can dramatically improve and enhance the user experience with a touch screen.
The technology is expected to be available for manufacturers by the end of the year.

This is interesting to Apple users due to the number of rumors and patents surrounding a full-screen touch-control video iPod. Specifically, there has been discussion about Multi-touch sensitive displays, use of Gestures, touch interface patents, and the touch screen video iPod rumors. These rumors have spawned many concept designs depicting the unreleased iPod. Apple has an existing relationship with Synaptics who provided click wheels for Apple's iPods.



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May 15, 2005
NG9, England
getBytesLoaded said:
Finally, some real news. Anyone else notice that the rumor sites have been dry lately?
I have a feeling the will get a lot juicier soon. We're hopefully in for a few months of big Apple announcements and upgrades.


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Jun 6, 2006
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You Betcha

steve_hill4 said:
I have a feeling the will get a lot juicier soon. We're hopefully in for a few months of big Apple announcements and upgrades.
Let's hope so -- I've been resisting the temptation to buy a new cell contract all year.


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Jun 4, 2005
I can't stand this anymore :(. I'm in the market for a new computer (be it a notebook or a desktop), a new mediaplayer and a new cellphone.

Can't wait!


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Dec 27, 2001
Los Angeles
ClearPad Technology sounds like either an acne or feminine hygiene product.

That being said. The onyx concept phone looks too big for normal use, unless that use is to club someone over the head.


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Mar 8, 2005
Washington D.C
This is gold, by the end of this year Apple could have it... MWSF '07.. Touch Screen iPods, iPhone ,iTMS with feature films, with some fance new intel chip...

And before that Merom MacBook and MacBook Pro, Conroe iMac and a new iPod nano....

Happy times

Also my phone plan is...i'm waiting for an iPhone, because after playing with the razr and Chocolate at the verizon store... they UI sucks. I was very disappointer with possible phones updates, when Apple makes a Phone, i'll swicth over to who ever the give the phone to.


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Dec 9, 2003
Doubtful that an iPhone will go with Sprint, but at least I can hope for higher capacity iPods to fit all those videos -- right? RIGHT?



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Apr 13, 2005
Miami, Fl
isn't this just touch screen technology that we've had for years.. but only on the outside now?? seems like a breakthrough, but not really. :rolleyes:


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May 21, 2003
London, UK
I have something very similar on my 3 year laptop - called a Synaptics cPad.

Its basically a touchpad over an LCD screen, you can programme it to launch new applications, write notes on it, use at as a touch sensitive calculater etc:


This new piece of kit is obviously more advanced, second or third generation. But I find the cPad on my laptop really very useful.

For a laptop this kind of technology is very useful, having a programmable LCD screen for mouse movement but that can also run programmes. In a phone I am more sceptical because I personally need tactile feedback when using buttons.


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Jan 16, 2002
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Calm Before the Storm?

getBytesLoaded said:
Finally, some real news. Anyone else notice that the rumor sites have been dry lately?
Yep. And (as stated yesterday) this all feels like the calm before the storm (to me).
With the influx of new cell phones and mp3 players flooding the market (most claiming to be legit iPod killers), I can't help but think Apple's about ready to drop the BOMB on us all - making the before mentioned offerings already seem dated.

Core Trio

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May 16, 2006
New Jersey
its really great how all those touch screen ipod rumors that hardly anyone thought was true at first continues to make more and more sense with each news bit of new technology that will make it happen. I hope this comes out soon, my 4G monochrome ipod is dying a slow, but painful, death.


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Feb 27, 2006
Portsmouth, U.K
So touchscreen technology we've seen for years? i hope it smudges/scratches less than my xda, but i'll definately get an iphone if it comes to UK contract services. whatever they churn out, it'll kill the zune hands down :D


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Jul 22, 2005
The idea is good, but to do it justice, you need Apple to step in. Their concept phone leaves much to be desired. Still, its a great concept, and Apple, here's you cue


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Aug 4, 2006
Strange; this revelation. If Apple is doing business on this with Synaptics I'm surprised that the latter are showing a concept phone with touchscreen and music player functionality. Apple would like to surprise people by introducing something with these features with a bang. So Apple wouldn't like this. Or maybe it's got something to do with negotiations going on in the background and Synaptics wants to tease, please or punish Apple for not using their technology? There was a rumor before that this kind of iPod would be almost ready but that Apple wasn't satisfied with the quality of the touch screen and therefore had to look for another technology or manufacturer. And how can this screen use two finger input and proximity sensing in an interface if Apple has got this patented? Questions, questions!