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    Sep 19, 2010
    Haifa, Israel
    Hi friends!
    I have MBPro and iMac. I use the MBPro when I'm in the university and all my files are stored in mobileme (I use it for 2 weeks now).
    the problem starts when I work on file in the MB, after I work on file on the MB and I come to the iMac and try to sync I getting this error:
    the files are not locked and the sharing is ok but I have trouble with it.
    some important points:
    1. I sync all the files in one computer with mobileme before I start to work on it on another computer (it's happening on the iMac and also on the MB)
    2. after I sync 2-3 times it's ok and the files sync (most of the times the problem is with the first sync).

    I will be happy if you manage to help me with that...

    Thanks!! =]

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