Sync music to iPad from one Mac, movies to iPad from another?

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    Is it possible to use my Macbook to sync my music, apps, books, and photos to my iPad and iPhone, and then use my Mac Pro to sync Movies & TV Shows to those same devices?

    Problem is that my laptop isn't nearly big enough to hold all my Movies and TV Shows, but I would like my laptop to be the primary machine to use for syncing my iDevices... then whenever I need to add a movie or tv show I can just connect it to my desktop machine to transfer just that content.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
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    you might be able to do this if you setup both the iPad and iPhone to manually manage music and movies.

    using your laptop with iPad/iPhone plugged into iTunes select the device and down towards the bottom of the Summary tab there is an option for Manually Manage Music and Movies, select that option.

    now go to your desktop and see if you can load movies onto the iPad/iPhone.

    another option if you don't want to go this route is to invest in an external HDD and store your iTunes library on that, then you wont have to worry about manually managing your iPad/iPhone.

    also take a look at something like the Seagate GoFlex Satellite, it allows you to connect to the HDD via WiFi and will stream music/movies/tv shows/podcasts directly to the iPad/iPhone.

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