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Aug 28, 2006
San Pedro Sula, Honduras

I recently convinced my wife to allow me to replace her Blackberry with an iPhone 4S.

I set it up with my Apple ID so that we may share apps. I originally wanted to set my iCloud account in her iPhone as well mainly to be able to share the pictures that we take, but that would have mixed our contacts so I register her own iCloud account.

But how can we both share the photo stream? I know that iCloud lacks any sharing option that you could subscribe to another account and receive the picture that they may take.

But, is there an app that would allow me to sync our camera roll folder? I saw a few that work with my dropbox account, but the images don't get downloaded to my cameral roll automatically which is what I want


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Jan 28, 2009
Share the same iCloud account, but sync your contacts to Gmail or another Exchange account instead of whatever you're currently using. This will allow you to share photos/apps/etc. but keep your contacts separate.


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May 26, 2009
Use your icloud account as the main one except turn off contacts, calender, and mail (or anything else you don't want shared)

Then go to the mail / contacts / calendars part in settings. Add account. Add her icloud account. You will see almost all the same options minus Photostream / documents / and backup..

In short you can have as many icloud accounts as you want on the phone but only the first (main) one can use photostream / documents / backup.
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