Sync problems with Apple books, please help

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    Aug 19, 2014
    Hi everyone.

    I use Apple Books a lot, both on my iPhone and my Mac . I use iCloud to sync my books, bookmarks, highlights, reading progress, etc. across these devices. In the past, it worked. However, I the last few days I upgraded from macOS 10.14.1 to 10.14.4 and bought a used iMac. The first thing I did with the new iMac was to erase the hard drive and perform a clean installation of 10.14.4.

    When I opened Books for the first time on the "new" iMac, all my books were listed, but only a few of them had the cloud symbol on the top right to indicate that I can download it from iCloud. When I double-clicked on these books, they were downloaded and I could open them. However, when I double-clicked those books that did not have the cloud symbol, nothing happened. They did not open or download.

    I then created a new user on the iMac to test how Books behaved there. To my surprise, the collections were not organised as they were before and the imported PDFs were all missing.

    What I also find suspicious is the fact that the iCloud storage statistics (Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Manage Storage) on iOS show TWO entries for Apple Books instead of one (see attached screenshot). One of these two entries shows all the PDFs I imported into Books, the other entry shows no details at all. Moreover, the statistics view states stat I use only 1.7 MB of the iCloud storage - despite the fact the two entries for Apple Books together amount to almost 40 MB.

    I restarted Books several times, signed out and back in again, restarted the iMac, etc. but all without success.

    All help is much appreciated!

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    Hey, this has happened to me a few times over the years. Don't still have your books. I don't remember but if you call Tech Support they will walk you through the procedure to get everything back. Also, hope you've been backing-up right???
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    Recover iBooks

    Try these old instructions....make sure you've backed everything up! Or try as 'Guest'.

    Oli Freyr

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    by Oli Freyr

    Mar 24, 2017 3:32 AM in response to generalstudies™

    I had the same problem, nothing from iCloud was showing up in iBooks.

    The reply from pollorose tipped me off to my solution.

    On your mac:

    1. Open System Preferences

    2. Go to the iCloud pane

    3. Enable iCloud Drive

    4. Click Options button next to iCloud Drive

    5. Enable iBooks

    As soon as I did that, the iBooks application started downloading all the missing books and pdfs.

    This happened 5 minutes ago, I'll write back here if it stops working.
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    Aug 19, 2014
    I tried that before, without success. But thanks anyway.
  4. miretogo thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 19, 2014
    In the meantime, I tried many things to fix the Books synchronisation and it now seems be be working again. I guess what helped was to deauthorise all Macs in iTunes and then to reauthorise my iMac.

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