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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by SilentPanda, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Its good to get some light hearted items especially in this fevered time.

    I quite liked it :)
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    That's pretty damn funny. It just goes to show you how much both McCain and Obama "stick to the script". Frankly, a political junkie like me begins to get annoyed hearing the same phrases and sentences, speech after speech, debate after debate, commercial after commercial.

    I'm sure Obama is bright enough to be able to say the same thing, phrased slightly different sometimes. But I'm also sure, with the Republican sharks dissecting every syllable, David Axelrod is barring him from tinkering with the script.

    And what with McCain changing scare tactics and economic plans every other week, it's amazing his phraseology is as consistent as it is.

    Thanks for sharing that, though. We definitely needed it to lighten up the mood around here. :D
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    #4 is hilarious. I can't believe someone looked over all the footage to make these.
    Simply amazing. And funny. Check out the final debate in a minute.

    Check these out too:

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    ~ CB

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