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Aug 4, 2012
I've been syncing my iPhone 5 with itunes, which in turn syncs my contacts with Outlook. (I prefer outlook over iCloud). Now the issue is, when i update something on my iPhone, it usually "merges" info with my outlook.

I would like a way where every time I sync my info it completely wipes my outlook and replaces everything on it with my iphone. Is that possible?

(Windows seven)


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May 12, 2010
My current setup with outlook

I too like my Outlook but since I can't sync directly to it I have the following setup and it seems to work pretty good.
- Setup the outlook sync with iCloud (this moves things out of the main folders so I purchased and installed CodeTwo Sync for iCloud)
- DO NOT SYNC WITH iTunes - turn the outlook sync off - continue to sync music, podcasts....
Any changes I make on the phone changes in iCloud and when you open Outlook the changes take affect. No dupes. If I delete it's gone in Outlook. Also, if I delete/Add/Change in Outlook it changes in iCloud.

I have been very happy with this setup.
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