System/Fonts and Library/Fonts... which one?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by thinkofthestars, Mar 4, 2004.

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    Okay, so I just bought Adobe's Creative Suite, and after registration I was able to choose some free thing. I chose the 42 free fonts, and I'm having issues installing them. Actually, I'm not having issues because every where I look people say you're supposed to put them in the Library/Fonts folder, so that's where I put them. My question now is out of pure curiousity. I see that there is also a System/Fonts folder and I'm wondering why it's there if I'm supposed to put my fonts in Library/Fonts. What purpose does two font folders serve?


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    Basically the 'System' folder is never modified except when the system is upgraded. So I guess everything in System/Library/Fonts is just what was installed with the system.
    There is actually another place to put fonts though. When you put them in Library/Fonts, this allows them to be used by ever user of the computer. You can also put them in Home/Library/Fonts and they can then only be used by you.
    In future, to install fonts, open the Font Book application, and choose 'Add Fonts...' front the File menu. There's an option there for who will have access to them, which puts them in the appropriate place.
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    Thinkofthestars, There are actually many places OS X puts fonts, and there is a hierarchy as to how they are used. The first place the system looks (or any application for that matter) is if you are using a Font management app such as Suitcase the system will only add those fonts to its database. The places are, 1. Root>System>Library>Fonts. 2. Root>Library>Fonts. 3. Users>YOU>Library>Fonts. 4. OS 9 System Folder>Fonts. And last but not previously mentioned; Applications>InDesignCS>Fonts. This last folder is where InDesign will store its new "Open Type" Fonts and will look there for them when running the app. I keep all my fonts in a separate folder (I own 3,000 different fonts) on a 1gb partition which stores about 500mbs of font files (not including True Type Fonts I don't use which are on a CD). Just keep in mind that if you want to move fonts around to manage them its OK but under no circumstances should you remove "LucidaGrande.dfont" if you do the computer will not boot!
    For more information check this article out:

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