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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by s2000gtx, Aug 23, 2013.

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    May 14, 2012
    Question im switching from simple mobile to tmobile or att tomorrow and i have a factory unlock iphone 4s. i apologize as i dont know too much about these thing i have been reading exclusively for the past month and now im between the tmobile 50/60 plan for 2.5gb or the att 60 lte plan. from what i read and i have ask the att 60 plan has 2gb of lte data and thats it once i use that up i wont have interent at all. my question is is the tmobile one the same or is it different after the 2.5 gb of 4g speed will i loose data completely or will i just get 3g data.

    i live in miami florida and i know i dont have a lte phone so im assuming the fastest speed my iphone 4s will see is hspa 14.1 so even tho i will be paying for 4g i wont be getting 4g service.

    so im wondering if maybe the $50 tmo plan will be more suitable since its 500mb of 4g speed but since my iphone 4s isnt 4g does that mean it unlimited 3g speed ..

    im in college full time and just have a little part time job and just looking the best way to save so im just trying to ask before i spend and extra $10 a month that i may not need to
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    Oct 14, 2011
    Once you hit your data limits:

    Att - charges you $10 for an additional 1 GB until your month resets; not sure if optional or it's automatically added.

    Tmobile - you drop to Edge speeds until your month resets.

    Also, if the area hasn't been refarmed for the proper frequency, all you'll get on Tmobile is Edge.
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    SEC Country

    That plan with Att is a pay as you go plan that is good for 30 days. It's 2gb of data regardless of LTE or 3G. Once you use it up its gone, and you have to wait until your plan renews for the 2gb to start over.

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