T-mobile's new plan - iPhone 4 compatibility -Taxes?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by dglenn9000, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I was thinking of switching back to tmobile. I left a couple years ago because I had the unlocked iphone 4 (att) and the network was not compatible at the time for 3G. Now apparently it may be. I still have the iphone 4

    Will I be able to get full 3g speeds? I was looking at a friends phone on tmobile last year and his iphone 4 would randomly pick up 3G here and there as though they were trying to make there network compatible but it wasn't working too well.

    Will there be taxes on tmobile new plan. I switched to prepaid plan for $45 a month and there are no sales/federal taxes if I buy the minutes online. When I was on tmobile I had almost $10 in taxes, 911, federal charges. I just want to know so I can factor it in before I switch over if I do.

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    You'll only be able to get 3G in areas that they have reframed their network to work on the 1900mhz band that the iPhone 4 uses. This is still a work in progress so the coverage may be spotty or unreliable depending on where you're located. You can still expect to see some Edge data and poor 3G building penetration if you're relying on this reframed network.

    For the best results I recommend trading in your Iphone 4 for the new Tmobile iPhone 5 that fully supports their network.

    Usually the taxes/fees are around $7-10 depending on your state.

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