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    T-Short is a unique project for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which includes highly professional animated films from all over the world featuring different genres and animation techniques.

    All the films are in English or with English subtitles or without dialogs and subtitles at all.

    The presented films in T-Short applications have taken part in various International film festivals and many of them have been granted various awards (Oscar, Cannes, Berlinale, Sundance, Annecy, Anima Mundi, Krok, Bimini and etc.).

    You can collect your own collection of the best animated shorts of high quality possible to watch even without Internet.

    Below you can see all the applications currently available on the App Store:

    Free App

    T-All in One is free one hour compilation of 12 animated short films of comedy, black humor, drama, melodrama, tragedy, romantic, tales, crime, horrors, musical, abstract-surrealistic and experimental films – presenting one film of all T-Short project programs.

    Paid Apps

    T-Comedy Vol.1 is 50 minutes compilation of 9 funny animated short films.

    T-Love Story Vol.1 is 50 minutes compilation of 11 animated short films of comedy, tragicomedy, drama and melodrama, abstract, experimental films and a little bit sex.

    T-Horrors application is 55 minutes compilation of 7 scary animated short films.

    T-Black Humor is 55 minutes compilation of 10 animated short films.

    T-Abstract Surrealistic Vol.1 is 45 minutes compilation of 8 animated short films.

    T-Humans application is 55 minutes compilation of 11 animated short films of tragedy, tragicomedy, comedy and drama about people and their vital activity.

    T-Musical is 50 minutes compilation of musical films, musical fantasies & music videos. From Classical music to Satiric Chanson. From Hip-Hop to Rock. From Country music to Japanese folk. From Tango to Brit Pop. From Instrumental music to Electronic.


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