Table top tripod advice - for nightclub (loads of vibration)

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by steveOooo, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Filming in two weeks - want to put a sony camcorder

    in between the two decks / cd mixers, to get a front on close up of the dj - i have a tripod for a zoom h4n voice recorder - which is fine in normal room conditions, but the table with all the decks will have alot (im assuming) vibration and the video will be jumpy + not sure how stable the voice recorder tripod will be!

    Current voice recorder tripod used -

    maybe thisll be better? -

    first job with new client, dont want to mess it up! + would loose a bit of dosh, but have just bunged it on top of a regular video. Any suggestions for reducing vibration / recommend table top solution
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    I would make sure wether there's a lot of vibration. CD decks can't handle vibration very well. When it shakes too much it skips. So I guess they are in a pretty stable place. Also, most times the DJ is behind the biggest speakers (they normally only have there own monitor). So while the crowd feels the vibration because of the low bass, the DJ isn't affected less because they're behind the bass boxes.

    I guess you're btw going for the low angle, cause else you could put the camera at the back.

    When there is vibration, put the camera on solid ground, for example with a tripod on the ground where the dj table is put on. Or you could some weight on the tripod to reduce vibration. Most cameras also come with some stabilization (optical is the best). And when you can't do anything about it, it's a nice effect ;)
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    Small sandbags like are used in gyms for weight training are good.

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