Taco Trucks Protest Donald Trump By Creating Wall Outside His Las Vegas Hotel

steve knight

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Jan 28, 2009
at least this is a good wall that will happen.
What do you get when you create a protest that combines two absurd moments from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign? A “great, great, wall” of taco trucks!

At least five taco trucks plan to line up in front of Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel in protest against the GOP nominee Wednesday morning, just a few miles from the site of the final presidential debate.

The rally is being organized by the Culinary Union, which has opposed Trump’s campaign since workers at Trump International Hotel voted to unionize in December. The group claims Trump refuses to bargain with them.

Zombie Acorn

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Feb 2, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
You can't rally on private property and parking on the street is probably going to be pretty impossible, either way the people staying at the hotel get some delicious tacos


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Aug 5, 2004
Catskill Mountains
Tacos can also be a late lunch meal too, Liz. Society isn't stopping you from eating one now.
GTXO MAN I HAD LUNCH ALREADY (my cat stepped on the caps lock, sorry)

now seriously off to rake the leaves before it rains and makes that a yucky chore

tacos for dinner, followed by nauseating debate what could go wrong :eek: see you all later
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Jun 8, 2009
Thankfully the debate will occur at 2AM my time, so not even morbid curiosity will keep me awake to watch it.


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Aug 5, 2004
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If the US invested in a Wall of Taco Trucks at the US-Mexico border, I can guarantee that all the migrants will stop at the border, there won't be reason for them to head further north.
Wait I thought the whole deal was taco trucks migrating north, so we yankee taco addicts wouldn't have to drive to the border just to get a decent taco fix. Vote no on taco wall at border!!!


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Sep 25, 2012
Alberto, Canado
I bet not a single one will serve a 'taco bowl'. What is poor Donald going to do??
He may be forced to use his hands to eat his taco. It's well known that Donald does not like eating with his hands. Eating with hands is something that filthy commoners and the proles do.



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Aug 5, 2004
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Uh, let's see... the antidote, because all the players would be still be in the flick.

That's assuming i couldn't possibly be harrison ford and still be reading something in prsi, so i'd have crossed over to videoland and could settle for the antidote, therefore not needing to be out here considering the "antidote".

in the other video, mobilehaathi brought that final line outside so it had crossed this way into prsi-world, so the "..." was just acknowledging that.

i'm so literal minded sometimes. Yet I can't keep style standards in my head for how one is supposed to cite album names, artists and track titles so always just make that up on the fly, go figure. My excuse is once you're retired you can let yourself go?!

as as always once it's past my bedtime i lose ability to capitalize words consistently.


On topic of taco trucks, trump fibbed again about the endorsements of customs officials didn't he? this won't matter considering the stunning bits about declining to confirm that he'd accept the forthcoming election results, and that he doesn't believe intel from 17 agencies that Russia hacked us, and that he can be baited practically on command, at least by Hillary Clinton, and he thinks Assad is pretty cool, like Putin? Still why does he repeat lies so easily fact checked I wonder. Anyway. He should concede now and probably save the taxpayers a little money.

Man. If I can stay up 45 more minutes there will be 19 days to the election...