Taking my 5 back to Apple

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by only1skingle, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. only1skingle macrumors newbie


    Jun 21, 2010
    Kettering, Northants
    So I purchased an iPhone 5 on launch day. Have not used it until to day as I was waiting for my case to arrive.

    Finally the case arrives I take the film off the phone and there are already little dotted silver scuffs on the phone.

    I have not used the phone or moved it. It has sat on my desk for 4 days without any movement. How the hell has it got scuffs already?

    So am taking it back to apple and I am tempted to ask for a refund and just stick to my 4.
  2. bryancee macrumors regular

    Sep 14, 2012
    What color did you get?

    If you haven't seen on here a lot of members have been saying they already had scuffs on the phone as soon as it came out of the box.
  3. paulink macrumors member

    Sep 12, 2012
    You're returning the phone because of a bunch of small dots that don't affect performance of the phone at all? Yeah it sounds like you didn't want the thing in the first place.
  4. sagar4995 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 11, 2012
    Dubai, UAE
    ofcourse he wanted it. he shouldn't settle for anything less than 100% after spending his cash. it's like saying someone bought a ferrari that came with key scrach marks on the door. doesnt affect the performance of the car, so why should 1 bother about the key scrach marks..!!
    i'd suggest go n get it replaced. open the new box there & make sure u get what you pay for.
  5. paulink macrumors member

    Sep 12, 2012
    You are comparing a ferrari to an iphone. Think about that for a while. The latter being able to cover up any scratches with a case.
  6. only1skingle thread starter macrumors newbie


    Jun 21, 2010
    Kettering, Northants
    exactly I wanted it! Hell I waited in line from 3am the friday morning outside of an Apple store in the UK for it! I wouldnt do that if i honestly didnt want it!

    My phone is the white model. Granted it doesnt look as bad as some of the black models I have seen.

    And yes i realise its going scratch. Nothing is fully scrathproof. What is getting on my nerves is the fact that I havent used it at all and I have scuffs on the back. If i made the scuffs from using the phone I would have no issues at all. However to pay all that money to receive a product that should be of the highest quality is something as a consumer i should expect!

    Hopefully when I take it back to the store Apple wont quarrel with me as I dont wish to have an argument.

    I will try a new phone and yes as you have advised I will check it there and then!
  7. sagar4995 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 11, 2012
    Dubai, UAE
    clearly, YOU haven't got my point.
    anyways, probably i'm not like you. i generally dont "compromise". usually when i purchase a new product, i tend to expect a flawless product (without scratches/damages).
    clearly you dont.
  8. paulink macrumors member

    Sep 12, 2012
    Having a small scratch on my iphone 5 isn't going to send me into cardiac arrest, so you're right i'm not you. I'm not going to waste my time (and other's) going back and forth trying to get the perfect product, and for what? It's going to get scratched, that is inevitable. But in this case, it's not on the screen, it's not going to affect performance, and he said he's going to put a case over it anyways so what is the point? Why bother going through all this hassle? To replace a perfectly working phone for another because of a few minor scratches?

    I can understand something like dead pixels or a crooked screen but this whole scuffgate business is just breathtaking, the lengths some people here go through. Stay classy macrumors.
  9. The Game 161 macrumors P6

    The Game 161

    Dec 15, 2010
    if this guy has spend £526 on a phone then he should get it changed.....you don't pay good money for dents to be on a device even if it doesn't affect the performance. to get scratches on it while using it is a different matter as you are using it but when he hasn't even used it? shouldn't happen.
  10. sagar4995 macrumors 6502a


    Aug 11, 2012
    Dubai, UAE
    to each his own, i guess. i'd get it exchanged if mine had scratches or weird spots straight outta the box.
  11. Ammo Pouch macrumors newbie

    Sep 26, 2012
    "iPhone 5 is made with a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch - not a smartphone" (with a price tag to match)


    You have every right to demand a flawless product.
  12. roberthodgson macrumors regular

    Jul 18, 2010
    Thats the Great thing about Apple they stand behind thier products and will replace your phone with out a problem, some times a damaged phone will sneek past QC but when it does Apple makes note and if to many phones come back as damaged out of box they will trace the problems to the exact shift and product line and make changes.

    I know it's disappointing to get a phone with cosmetic damage out of the box but get it replaced and then enjoy your new phone.
  13. shinji macrumors 65816


    Mar 18, 2007
    He has a right to bring it back and get a phone in better condition. I can't believe anyone is actually arguing with this.
  14. dasx macrumors 65816


    Jun 18, 2012
  15. 725032 Guest


    Aug 5, 2012
    Arent there already loads of threads on this?!
  16. x-evil-x macrumors 68040


    Jul 13, 2008
    what if he didnt want to cover it with a case? why be forced into that situation? im going caseless. had the same problem with my black returned it for a white.

    so your saying its okay if the entire back is scuffed the sides are scuffed up like its been worn for a year of hard use. Its okay to sell this because it doesnt effect the actual phone....

    people pay for something new they should get something new.
  17. KPOM macrumors G5

    Oct 23, 2010
    This has been reported by others, as well. However, most of us have received flawless phones, and Apple Stores have been pretty good about exchanging scuffed units. I'd try going back to the store and seeing if you can exchange it. Stores have replacement stock for defective units even if they are sold out of the retail packages.
  18. TheMacBookPro macrumors 68020


    May 9, 2008
    So you'd buy a new car at MSRP, even if it had stone chips on the front bumper, just because you could cover it up with a hood bra? You apologists are getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Asking for a new product without damage is not as silly as you make it out to be, and no, scratches are not inevitable.
  19. ugahairydawgs macrumors 68030


    Jun 10, 2010
    Try and sell it a year from now and the only problem with it is that it has some scratches that were there from the moment you opened the box. It absolutely will effect resell value....significantly.
  20. KaiMac macrumors regular


    Sep 6, 2004
    Why do u have telling everyone? Please ask for a refund and go buy an S3.
  21. darngooddesign macrumors G3

    Jul 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA
    On my white one I noticed what looked like a scuff on the beveled side of the antenna. I was able to pick it away with my fingernail and now it looks good as new again.
  22. iapplelove macrumors 601


    Nov 22, 2011
    East Coast USA
    op my phone since launch no protection just been throwing it into my pockets..

    Not a single scratch
  23. katmeef macrumors 6502

    Jul 20, 2010
    I'm with you. Genius appt tonight to swap due to small dent near headphone jack. Was going to live with it since ill dent it myself eventually, but doing so would send a message to apple that I'm cool with crap quality control for a thousand dollar phone (64 gb unlocked with taxes), which I'm not...


    I've been naked since Friday as well and no damage outside of the dent it came with
  24. mzjin macrumors 6502


    Oct 28, 2011
    Hah! Troll harder. I'd like to sell you something with dents scratches and marks (keep in MIND, they don't affect the performance of the device!) for full new retail price.

    Corporations must love you. :rolleyes:
  25. ReflexReact macrumors 6502

    Jun 10, 2010
    paulink is just a troll. Note how he goes into thread and posts for a while, then stops after people are arguing.

    Good for you - take it back and tell Apple what you think of it!

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