Taking my car to a dealership for repairs - what should I know?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by tzhu07, Mar 29, 2016.

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    My car is part of a recall by Toyota for a minor issue, and I have to take my car to an authorized dealer to get it fixed at no cost.

    I've heard some pretty shady things regarding dealers. I plan on telling them explicitly that I do not want any other inspection or service done to my car, and that I do not want my car washed even if it's complimentary (since many do a poor job and leave swirl marks).

    What other things should I prepare for?
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    Is there any authorised dealer who has been recommended to you - via, say, word of mouth, or that you may have read about, perhaps, on online reviews?

    I'd research it.

    Before travelling to a city, I will often review hotels, and check out some restaurants; why not do the same with authorised dealerships?
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    Dealerships make most of their money from the service department, it does make sense to be cautious.

    Just tell them you need the car, fix the recall and give you back the car as soon as it's done when you book your appointment. Ask them how long it will take, have it in writing and give you a loaner for free if it went beyond the time frame.
  4. Huntn, Mar 30, 2016
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    Without specifics, I don't consider dealerships any more shady than any other auto repair location. Reputation has to be taken in consideration. If your car is under warranty, you do want the big things looked at and if they offer to do an inspection, that's no skin off your back is it? And they won't do any service you have not authorized. Are you signed up to Angie's List? Check them out there.

    Here is one difference, when I think of dealers, as a rule I think of higher repair costs as compared to third party auto repair shops.
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    You're so hell-bent against car dealers that you won't even let them wash your car for free? Geez...
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    My dealership refuses to wash my car because I put on an aftermarket air deflector and they don't want to be held liable should anything happen. Sometimes you just can't win.
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    You can tell them to not wash the car but be nice to them. They are not enemies and are not in the business to screw you. They are no different than independent shops.
    And I am not sure why you would decline a free checkup. You may learn that something may need attention and that is never a bad thing. Don't go in with a bad attitude because that never works in your favor.

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