Tandy 2500 and Cinema HD Display... (get out your history books)

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Aug 13, 2006
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Hey, all. I'm thinking about taking a Tandy 2500* that my school is finally getting rid of. The elementary and middle schools in my corporation use Macs while the high school uses Windows and Linux; some of which are decades old. Idiots. Anyway, the Tandy has a VGA port, so would a Cinema Display work with just an Apple VGA-DVI adapter? Granted, resolutions above 640x480 were probably a dream at the time of the Tandy's release, but the only legacy monitor I have is the original Apple Monitor for the Apple ][, and that uses a plug that looks like a simple audio jack. So, am I just spitting into the wind here, or what, eh?

*I'm a Mac evangelist. The only reason I want this is because I have a fondness for computers older than I am. Thus, the long-sought-after Apple ][ that I now have. Besides, the darn thing looks freaking ridiculous (the Tandy) and would be fun to tinker with without risking my precious Apple ][ or LC 575.


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Sep 15, 2007
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Good golly. I actually remember the 2500, the 2500HD, the 2000, the 2000HD, the 1000, 1000SX, SL... the 1200, the 1400 (laptop), the 3000, 3000HD, 3000NL, 4000, 4000sx, the 5000MC... oh the pain of these memories, oh the shame of my thirteen years as a Tandy employee.

You need to get a copy of DESKMATE software for that bad boy.

You need to find an el cheapo 14" CRT. $2 at flea markets!

Sorry I don't know if the adapter will work on an ACD, I think those were straight VGA out machines.

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