Target to sell ipods...again

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    Target plans to resume sales of Apple's iPod in its stores, Think Secret has learned. The upscale discount retailer stopped carrying the MP3 player last month after it declined to sign Apple's new dealer contract. However, it may not hit Target shelves until this Summer.
    This development was first suggested in a Friday MacFixIt post, where a Wisconsin-based reader noticed a Target placard indicating the iPod's return. Last week, a Think Secret reader made a similar observation at a North Carolina Target location, which had a sign in its MP3 section reading, "Apple iPod: Coming in July."
    Target contacts pointed to other indications of the iPod's return. One source noted that in some stores, displays have been set up with an empty space that will eventually be used for the iPod.
    The chain first began selling the iPod late last year at its 1,148 locations across the US. In doing so, it became the second major US retailer to carry Apple's MP3 player.
    On March 31, Target stopped selling the iPod after the company objected to details of Apple's new dealer contract. iPods were marked for clearance at a significant discount, and most stores immediately removed them from displays. Since Target decided to clear out all remaining stock of iPods, it was originally believed that the possibility of Target selling the product again was remote.
    Think Secret was the first to report on Apple's new reseller contracts, which went into effect April 1. An estimated 50 resellers objected to the content of the contract and were deauthorized by Apple. The new contract sharply limits Apple's liability, outlines a new dispute process governed by Apple, waives dealers' right to a jury trial, and allows Apple to inspect dealer locations and request records up to five years after the contract's termination. It is not known exactly what objections Target had to the contract, but sources confirm the contract was instrumental in its decision to abandon iPod sales.
    Apple was able to woo back the largest resellers -- including Dell, Fry's Electronics and MicroCenter -- with special contractual clauses. It's likely Target's case was no different, and that Apple may have dropped a number of its demands to keep it on as a reseller. At the same time, Apple has refused to negotiate parts of contracts with smaller Apple Specialist retailers.
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    I hope this is getting ready for the big rollout of Windows iTunes/Music Store. :D
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    My morning just keeps getting better.

    I never got to see iPods in Target, but I'm gonna run over there and check for signs of a future display. Props to Apple for getting back on the shelves.


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