Tax Free Tour (Dutch documentary on fiscal evasion)

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    This might be interesting to watch before you buy your next Apple gadget:

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    Jul 21, 2010
    One of the lines claims that "Apple employs 1.2 million people in China." The speaker goes on to say something to the effect that iPads cost "40 to 50 dollars apiece," meaning Apple makes 10x profit on each iPad.

    I stopped watching right then. First of all, Apple doesn't employ 1.2 million people in China. Foxconn employs them. And Foxconn makes stuff for tons of other companies besides Apple.

    And I doubt iPads cost $40-$50 to make. The iSuppli BOM puts the iPad at around $200.

    And as for Apple's tax strategy or any multinational's tax strategy for that matter, I have yet to hear of any multinational being tried and convicted in court for tax evasion.

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