Taylor Swift, Bruce Jenner, and Angelina Jolie affect on LGBT community

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    Is this a good time for the gay, lesbian, and transgender community or are high profile stars only a distraction? (This thread was accidentally put in the general community discussion but is now properly in PRSI community discussion...sorry for that).

    The other day I walked in and talked to a friend at a store I frequent. Believing like many that Taylor Swift is in a relationship with Victoria's Secret icon Karly Kloss (kind of hard to deny that at this point), she mentioned that it's no big deal! (she seemed kind of peeved). But I couldn't tell if she meant that it's no big deal (which I agree with) and that the press should shut the f up and leave them alone. But I wasn't sure if I detected that she thought that waving the gay flag banner so publicly was just a little too assertive.

    This brings me to Bruce Jenner. Did his announcement to the public do good for the transgender movement or was it grandstanding to up the ratings for the Kardashians as mentioned by many? Or is the fragile gay, lesbian, and transgender movement healthier when a high profile celebrity like Angelina Jolie (who was in a long term relationship with a woman named Jenny Shimizu) doing better by not making a big deal about it? We all know she had a girlfriend and now she is married to Brad Pitt. Not much criticism is waged on Angelina but part of that is because maybe she didn't make it a public affair when she was with a woman. She had a girlfriend, like many women, and then got married to a man, and that was that, no issue. This is the 21st century. Sometimes a person goes one way or the other but when it's not a celebrity, then these days it does not cause big waves.

    But when it's a celebrity, it becomes a national discussion. It's a double edged sword. What if Angelina came out as a world famous lesbian icon while she was with her girlfriend, and then later married Brad Pitt. Do you think there wouldn't be a huge outrage from many corners?

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    That's the problem with the attitude of the religious right is they tend to pickle a choosen accent scripture as fact and not of their time. As a Presbyterian I was taught to treat the accent writings and "tales of morality" and not to pick and choose certain passages except the Lord's Payer!

    The Pastor that married my brother and his wife was gay but that discussion never came up ever during his tenure before old age came to him. He was loved by the whole flock and was a very kind soul! I still have fond memories of him in kid's Bible school! He was funny and kind! To me a good soul is good soul so i really don't care what people do in their bedroom as long as it is legal. That is why I fully support the Gay Marriage movement because most every gay person I have come across in everyday life were very kind to me and acted just like decent people! So what each of these people do in the their private bedrooms in their business, not ours.

    So the moral of my story is the "Religious Right: is really code speak for the Southern Baptists Church "born again" zealots! Those people are the most antigay zealots I ever have come across in my life!
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    What about Taylor Swift's close friendship with Ed Sheeran up to and including her telling him she loved him at the Brit Awards?

    Maybe she's polyamorous, or maybe they are truly only friends (which would explain why she was pissed off).
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    The only outrage is people who think its their business but it's not. Just encouraged by the media.

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