Teddy Roosevelt's Badlands Ranch Faces Potential Threat

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    On the lighter side of a social issue, I listened to this on NPR this morning. at first, I thought of it as another case of industrialization on pristine land, which I'm not happy about. then I read the article and saw the land, which then I got ****** off about. How a 'corporation' can do something like this completely disgusts me, and all for the sake of 'drill baby, drill!'.

    Irony here is that if Reagan was the father of the modern day Reds, Roosevelt was the grandfather, and yet it is people from their own parties doing that to their "forefather's" land.

    Legally, 5th Amendment would come into play if there were any takeover of the land, thanks to Citizens United, but I would think that today, even Teddy Roosevelt would be called an 'elite environmentalist' (trucking company owner's own words).

    Read, and enjoy the pictures. If I make it back to the midwest again, I'd make the trip out there just to hear and, as Depeche Mode said, 'enjoy the silence'.


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    ND was once one of the most socially progressive states. It still has a state owned bank and a state owned grain elevator, both came into existence as a result of the crushing effects of the Minneapolis and Chicago oligarchs. TR was an outsider but one of many who found beauty in NoDak's austere landscape. In all reality though, he came to a state still sparsely populated.

    Abe's homestead act wasn't even a quarter century old when T R arrived. There were many other 'homesteaders' who were only interested in the free land, not the land itself. Today much of the land is owned by children or grandchildren of the original owners. Many of those descendants live out of state. ND's biggest and most important export is its children. The people who are responsible for the desecration of their ancestral heritage are NOT North Dakotans.

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