Tenet may disclose 911 details

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    A Stoned Throw From Ground Zero

    With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff
    For the story behind the story...

    Friday, Sept. 2, 2005 11:00 a.m. EDT
    Former CIA Director Tenet Threatens Disclosures?

    Former CIA director George Tenet, said to be the target of what the Washington Times called "a scathing report by Inspector General John Helgersonî - may go public with embarrassing disclosures about the Bush administration and its actions leading up to Sept. 11, 2001.

    The CIA report, prepared as the result of a 17-month investigation by a team of 11 CIA officials, blames Tenet and several top CIA officials for its failure pre-9/11 to deal with al-Qaida.

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    But former Reagan White House aide and intelligence expert John B. Roberts II, quoting an anonymous source close to Tenet, wrote in Thursday's Washington Times that the former chief spook has no intention of taking it lying down.

    The report, delivered to Congress this week, recommends punitive sanctions against Tenet, former Deputy Director of Operations James L. Pavitt and former counter-terrorist center head J. Cofer Black.

    Roberts writes, "George Tenet is not going to let himself become the fall guy for the September 11th intelligence failures, according to a former intelligence officer and a source friendly to Mr. Tenet.î

    In retaliation, Roberts says that Tenet may turn the tables and put the blame on President Bush.

    Tenet, he claims, has already written a fiery, 20-page, "tightly knitted rebuttalî to the Inspector General's report. But Tenet's response has been marked "classified," in contrast to usual CIA practice. Also unavailable to the public is the report itself.

    Roberts says Tenet's decision to strike back could be very bad news for the President.

    Wrote Roberts, "Mr. Tenet's decision to defend himself against the charges in the report poses a potential crisis for the White House.

    "According to a former clandestine services officer, the former CIA director turned down a publisher's $4.5 million book offer because he didn't want to embarrass the White House by rehashing the failure to prevent September 11 and the flawed intelligence on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.î

    Quoting a "knowledgeable source,î Roberts wrote that Tenet "had a ëwink and a nodí understanding with the White House that he wouldn't be scapegoated for intelligence failings.î

    Roberts claims a "deal" was made between Tenet and Bush, one that was sealed with the Presidentís award of the Presidential Freedom Medal to the former CIA head.

    In his rebuttal, Tenet, Roberts warns, "treads perilously close to affirming the account of Richard Clarke, the former NSC terrorism official who claimed the Bush administration's had delayed adopting a strategy against al-Qaida."

    Current CIA Director Porter Goss is between a rock and a hard place, according to Roberts, who explains that Goss will be criticized for covering up if he does nothing. But if he follows the IG's recommendation to convene formal hearings as a prelude to sanctions, Tenet himself may go public to defend his reputation by damaging the President and his administration.

    Roberts concludes: "The $4.5 million book offer may soon be back on the table, and this time Mr. Tenet might take it.
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    OBJECTIVE reality
    Forget Vince Foster. Who wants to bet that George Tenet ends up dead in the Potomac? ;)

    Seriously, it's a Newsmax story. I'd have to see it from a reputable source to believe it. Given this source, perhaps it's just another effort to smear Tenet.
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    For the sake of the integrity of the Democracy that most Americans claim to support, these crimes have to punished. If they can be shown to be what they are based on real evidence, and a real trial with a conclusion that punishes crimes committed and acts in a way that prevents this from happening in the future.
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    Tenet could derail the entire republican party with what he knows going all the way back to the Reagan administration's funding and training of these "evildoers" during the end of the cold war.

    It appears that 911 was more than just a security oversight and my guts
    tell me that it was seen as an allowed opportunity towards a greater agenda.

    So much forensic evidence has been hidden or destroyed that I can't help but
    suspect the latter.
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    Jul 4, 2004
    Let's wait and see how many people are interested in this story. If this were a self leading nation, there would be considerable interest in holding our representatives accountable. If not, this may be a nation of followers who are willing to accept any position given by the leadership they assume are representing their best interests.

    That's a rather pessimistic view. I feel that overall, this is a nation that is not receiving the information they need to properly decide upon issues. I think that things would be different if everyone were equally informed. There would still be those who support current agendas, but not a majority. That is why, perhaps, this political organization has worked so hard to control the perception of the events as they occur.
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    I agree with you, ever notice Fox,CNN,MSNBC and Google all run almost the exact stories? These Networks are being Fed if you will. AP? and if so who feeds them? This administration has a habit of taking no blame and putting it on someone else. I would like to hear Tenets side. Isnt he the one that told the president Iraq was a slam dunk?

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