Tennessee shuts down Scientology psychiatric centers they were keeping people against their will.

steve knight

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Jan 28, 2009
cultish much? maybe the people still had some money left in their bank accounts they would not give up.


A series of rehabilitation facilities have been permanently closed in Cannon County and three suspects charged in the case.

"The Cannon County Sheriff's Department would like to make the general public of this county aware that the Scientology facilities are closed and not operating in Cannon County," a statement from the Sheriff's office said.

Attorney David Veile, representing some of the individuals involved in the case, said the facilities were not operated by the Church of Scientology.

The 16th Judicial District of the state of Tennessee, Cannon County, has charged three suspects in the case. Two of the three, Dennis Flamond and Hans Snyder Lytle, entered guilty pleas in General Sessions Court on two counts of false imprisonment.

The third suspect, Marc Vallieres, was charged with two felony charges of facilitation to kidnapping in Circuit Court. Vallieres pleaded "by information" in Circuit Court.