Terrible Marketing on Apple's part

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AdonisSMU, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. AdonisSMU, Sep 21, 2013
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    Oct 23, 2010
    Why would they think someone who was willing to line up for a phone would want anything other than the newest flagship iPhone? Why would I sit online at 3am for an iPhone 5c? The iPhone 5c isn't a phone people are willing to line up for or stay up til 3am for. They could've waited on that mores than people who don't need the top of the line technology.

    It makes no sense at all to not have allowed pre-orders for the 5s a week ago. Why have people standing in long lines fighting with Chinese and Russian scalpers who's job it is to try and sell already expensive Apple products for even more than what they are actually worth?

    People who want the phone the first day aren't iPhone 5c customers. Or why don't they make it so that people have to put their name on a pre-order list with the Apple store of their choice and the phones go to those customers before there can be a scalper situation.

    It makes the Apple experience less appealing and isn't user friendly when someone can get in line and buy up all the products from actual customers. Apple should give actual customers as in end users an avenue to buy & receive Apple devices on the first day.

    Half of Samsung's customers are former Apple fans who refused to fight with scalpers for the latest iOS product.
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    There are tonnes of threads with this same story why start a new thread?
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    I didn't realize that. Either way I'm wondering why Apple would think people would wait in line for last year's model…and I wanted to discuss the issue of Apple creating an avenue for end users to actually buy the flagship iOS products on the first day without paying the scalper tax…I think they should do a reservation system where people can reserve their iPhone and just pick it up in store on the first day.
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    Scalpers = freedom and capitalism. I value their service. True economic forces at work, I hope gold iPhones are scalped for the next three months. I hear some teams will be hitting stores every morning to buy up iPhones.
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    Apple sells what products are available. iPhone 5Cs were available to preorder in large numbers because they were easy to produce and likely have been in production for a long time. There were fewer 5S's available, so they emphasized in store stock and day of launch online orders. As far as I know few people were waiting in line for 5c - the could have preodered or simply walked into the store to buy
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    You guys are the same people who will complain when the price of the phone goes up because financial institutions buy up all the materials needed to make the iPhones because it will make the cost of the iPhone go up.

    It's not real value. It's artificial. Hello 2008 housing market crash.

    Pure capitalism isn't good and being completely free to do whatever you want isn't either. Everything in moderation is always and will always be best for the most people.

    At the end of the day, iOS Product Scalpers produce more Samsung customers than any of the "innovation" Samsung is doing because it is a bad user experience.
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    Why would a TS think someone who was willing to write in other similar threads of a 5S would want anything other than to say the same thing in another thread?

    It makes no sense at all...

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    I didn't see the other threads as they were buried with threads all saying the same things.
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    What are you talking about? How is there any similarity between you having to wait in line for a phone and the housing crash? Stop complaining just to complain.

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