terrorism is getting worse

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    "State Department retracts terrorism assertion
    Corrected report will show 'sharp increase'

    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. government acknowledged Thursday that a recent report declaring a decline in terrorism in 2003 was wrong.

    The report, released in April and touted by top administration officials as a sign of the success of the war on terrorism, was based on faulty data, said State Department spokesman Richard Boucher..."

    Apparently, we were fed incorrect and misleading information about the effectiveness of the war on terror. If Mr. Bush doesn't put a patch and this series of unfortunate mistakes, someone might jump to the conclusion that this administration has been less than truthful on occasions.
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    Apr 24, 2003
    D'OH! But don't worry, you can trust us in all other areas.
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    Some of the terrorism (sorta limiting that word to the car-bomb stuff, and mass sprayings of bullets) is Al Qaida, but it's hard to tell about some of the other. Local copy-cat revolutionaries? General hatred of "The System"? or of a generic "them"?

    There's more and more, from what I read of stuff around the world. Pakistan, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines...And plotters are being caught in all manner of countries.

    Some of it doesn't at all seem related to any U.S. action or foreign policy.

    I dunno. I don't see any evidence of smarts behind any sort of White House happy face about any degree of "success". I think there's some headway against a repetition of the well-coordinated 9/11 event, but that in no way means the end of the WOT is anywhere in sight.

    I've gotten to where anything any politico says is written off as "Election year nonsense".


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