Terrorism, Security & Idiotic Hysterics.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Macamus Prime, Jul 23, 2005.

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    Feb 24, 2005

    I just cam back from South Beach, Miami.

    I went with my friends (4 guys), looking to have fun. During our stay in Miami, London was bombed again. When it was being reported, we had just walked into a restaurant to eat. The "host" at the door turns to me and says: "I'm sorry, you are going to have to leave that bag at the door."

    We were going to hit the beach, after we ate, so I brought a bag with towels and what have you with me. I asked: "Will someone walk away with it?" He responds: "I don't know." I then said: "Well, I'm not leaving it at the door, I am taking it with me to my table."

    He asked me to take a look at what is inside the bag. I told him of course he can! He opened it up, looked through it and found,.... towels and sun block.

    He said he was worried about something being in the bag (an explosive device??), since London was just bombed again. I smiled and I told him its ok, and that he was being very diplomatic about it. He then thanked me for letting him look through my bag and allowed me to have a seat with my bag.

    Ok,.... some points:

    1) I am 6 foot 3, bald with goatee and glasses. I'm white. Not that all "non-Arabic looking" people should be removed as suspects for potential terrorist activities, but I really do not fit the bill as a terrorist. I look like this guy, but with more facial hair:

    2) Lets say I DID have a bomb in that bag,... how would not letting me take it INTO the restaraunt make any difference if I detonate this thing?? Meaning, him telling me to place the bag at the front of the restaurant, would not have saved anyone's life. People would still die. Even anyone happening to be passing by outside the restaurant at the moment. This tactic will SOLVE nothing. It is by far the dumbest attempt at "preventing" a terror attack.

    3) This man was hysterical. He wasn't scearming or yelling when he interacted with me, but him telling me I can't take my bag into the restaurant for fear of something being in there, was a result of him flipping out. I know we all get scared sometimes, but acting out like this makes the situation worse. Please look past how stupid something like this may make you look and focus on actually doing something that will prevent whatever you are worried may happen. Asking me to keep the bag out of the restaurant would not help (see point #2). If anything, screen me at the door. If I refuse, turn me away. Which would have been flat out stupid as well, but thats not the point here.

    The point is Idiotic Hysterics. I understand we have to be careful and watchful, but situations like this do not help whatever it is you are trying to do. Like placing "SSSS" on someone's boarding pass for screening. We all know what it means at this point. There are even websites out there that give you tips on how to avoid getting tagged with it.

    Has anyone else every experienced idiotic hysterics in reference to this "War On Terror"??
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Dec 21, 2002
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    Its stupid & idiotic but govt is selling fear and half the idiots in this country are buying.. This fuels the all powerful police state where everyone is guilty including you for walking into a shop with some towels. Its like the checking bags in new york, im trying to think how many times its been attacked???? they dont care its all for show and appearence and next year they can ask for more tax dollars. Its all stupid but whats most stupid is letting these idiots in the countries in the first place. And little more freedom is gone.
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    Jul 4, 2003
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    This sort of problem is all new to Americans in general, and as with any group of people, some are more excitable than others.

    Just guessing, but if the guy at the door had was some forty years old and had just moved here from Israel, he'd have done the normal quick profile that all of us do as any stranger approaches and probably said nothing to you. Guys with bombs aren't anything new to some folks, as they are to us.

    I have no clue what WILL work in these interactions with security effort people, but what's being done doesn't seem like more than a hassle of the innocent. At rush hours, how thorough can searches be, in any major city, without bringing everything to a halt? And, if searches are not thorough, how can any bomb be found? I guess we could hire thousands of guys to wander around subways with bomb-sniffing dogs, maybe. (Boggles the mind.)

    Regardless, the government is using and will continue to use fear to increase its power. Fear sells. Doesn't matter if it's a political party selling fear of its opponents ("Republicans want your children to starve!") or a political advocacy group ("They're gonna take your guns away!"). Whether or not the fears are real is immaterial.


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