Tests Said to Tie Deal on Uranium to North Korea

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Feb 2, 2005.

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    well they say they have the bomb and are pulling out of the 6 nation talks accusing Bush for their weapons program. Just one problem though and that is they were developing them while Clinton was in office in effect telling us lies while not stopping the program as they agreed. A rogue nation ran by a tyrant who is starving his people just for his tyranny,greed and power. Reminds me of Chavez...another tyrant.
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    Clinton's actions at least postphoned NKs nuclear work. Bush's have hastened it.

    If you were running one of those states, would you have siezed upon the opportunity presented by US troops being tied up in Iraq for the foreseeable future to ramp up your nuclear program, reasonably assured that it would be at least 3-5 years before US troops were back out?

    I would have jumped on that opportunity in late 2002 when the war drums were beating loudly against Iraq. That's over 2 years ago. And I think it's safe to say we won't be reducing our troop levels in Iraq below 100,000 for at least another year under the rosiest of scenarios.

    We've given NK 2 years of unhindered development time, and now you're complaining about Clinton?
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    how is venezuela in any way similar to NK? other that refusing to kiss GW behind there is no parallel between chavez and KJI.
    Chavez was democratically elected, was reinstated by the people after an illegal military coup that the bush administration (alone in the world) had hastily recognized (and supported?) and is certainly not in full control of the military.
    I agree that it's not a mature democracy and there are important issues, but the opposition and the military are as responsible as chavez for this, if not more.
    the very existence of such a polarized political climate shows that it is not a dictatorship

    if you want to look at tyrants, you should look elsewhere:

    - Burma
    - Chechnya, (Russia)
    - Cuba
    - Emirates
    - Haiti
    - Kuwait
    - Libya
    - Maldive
    - North Korea
    - Oman
    - Pakistan
    - Qatar
    - Saudi Arabia
    - Sudan
    - Syria
    - Tibet, (China)
    - Turkmenistan

    there are more, of course, but IMO these are the worst (although i might be missing some 'bad boys' especially in africa, because I am not very familiar with some of the situations)

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