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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by silver163, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. silver163 macrumors newbie

    Aug 10, 2009
    Right now I am in a situation in which I need produce text messages in order to prove my story, the good part is that I been using DiskAid to save all my text messages the bad is that it was all saved in a editable text file. So right now I need to get these messages back on my iPhone so I can create screenshots. I know that iTunes uses a database to store the text messages in so my question is, would it be possible to add in text messages from the past and have it all work? If so what be the best method to do this?
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    Aug 10, 2009
    No, not going to happen, has no bearing on this. I just need to know if injecting the text message DB would result in what I am hoping to achieve.
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    Feb 1, 2011
    yeah interestred inthe story too, lol

    but to be honest with you, I think once you have transferred them out of the phone on diskaid, you have lost them on the phone forever. I dont think shooting the DB would work and transfer them in to the text convo you are hoping for. sorry, best of luck with the troubles.
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    HR 9038 A
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    this is not an issue with a girl, it involves fraud.
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    Jun 14, 2010
    In which case the best thing is to get legal advice from an attorney before making (or attempting to make) any modifications to the texts stored on the phone.
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    Hermes Monster

    May 4, 2010
    This thread should go along way to helping you, assuming the files still exist in your iTunes files hackintosh forums
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    Jul 16, 2010
    This sounds bogus. There's no reason to have to inject text messages back into your history unless you are trying to defraud someone else.

    If you want an un-molested copy of your SMS messages then have your lawyer subpeona them from your carrier. Your carrier keeps that data for as little as 6 months and as long as 18 months in case law enforcement wants to look at it.

    This means that if you try something shady like faking your message history, then it will be a relatively simple matter for anyone to compare the file on your device to AT&T/T-mobile/Sprint/Verizon's record (and your efforts will blow up in your face. Good luck convincing a judge of anything once you've perjured yourself and falsified evidence)

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