THANKS APPLE - and I will be here....

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mymemory, Oct 28, 2003.

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    May 9, 2001
    One thing in to dream about something and another one to have expectations.

    I'm always hoping to get certain things but, of course, Apple will not let them go so easy. There is some strategy with the Apple products that, once in a while, they launch a classic system in to so many "in between" models. For example, the PowerMac 9600 that still in used today some how. The PowerBook Pismo that still a very good investment even after the Titanium generation. And now mayyybe the 12" PowerBook.

    I do not think the iPod has reach that classic model yet. There are a lot of missing features in the iPod like color LCD, QuickTime capability, incorporated radio tuner and audio inputs at list.

    Apple has some kind of dynamic when creating their products. Many buyers should be aware of that. The Cube was a classic but because of the design, no the architecture.

    If an Apple user pay attention to the Apple market, for sure will tell when to get a good deal. The intention is to keep the unit as long as we can without feeling the need of getting a new one the next month.

    I think the top of the line G5 is the equivalent to the PowerMac 9600 back in 1997. I wouldn't get any of the cheap models, I rather get the top of the line G4 in that case. I would get the G5 and wait to get a cheaper memory upgrade, or I can wait to be discontinued, because... most the softwares we are using today (except for video editing) are working very well with yesterday technology. I'm typing right now in a Pismo with 256MB of ram, I'm using my Photoshop, my Dreamweaver and my After Effects with no problem.

    In my case, I can stay with Apple, I do not live based on my expectations, I do not think the company is gonna do something for me, but I know the company will eventually lunch some very special product and I'll be there to get it.

    About PC's... I do not like to live frustrated.
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    Jan 6, 2002
    It sure feels good to hear such positive feedback. I hate those people who get on and complain. You have made my day Thank You
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    Oct 19, 2003
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    Re: THANKS APPLE - and I will be here....

    hey! i'm using a ppc 9600 350/300 at work right now! and i piece together ALOT of regional subway commercials on this dinosaur machine.

    granted its only an Avid Media Composer (v7.2) its more robust than anything i've used since final cut pro4 on a G5 2ghz dualie. it just takes alot of maintenance with the drives, but its still alive. how old is it now 7 years old with 5 yr. old software?

    i'm assuming this thread is in response to the one from a few weeks ago titled "THANKS APPLE - I'm finished here". weren't we all blown away when the G5s came about? the specs weren't really what we were all expecting! a 1gig FSB? holy macaroni! add to that the G4 ibooks and between the hopeful speculation, and cheerful rumors - it turns out that apple has things in control, and is in the position to add to it in order to suprise it's user base!

    i've not once been disappointed with apples products, software or hardware. and most of the time its well worth the wait! good thread.

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