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    Inspired by a discussion in the "top 50 poster" thread, I decided to start a thread for doing something very simple:

    Have you found a fellow forum member(s) here to be consistently helpful and/or a good contributor to this forum ?

    Would you like to mention him/her ?

    If so, just post the name(s) of the person(s) preceded by the @ symbol. So, for example, @tonymontana. (You can mention as many people as you like) And perhaps, say a few words to describe how this/these person(s) helped you or others.

    This is just a very simple "thanks" or "kudos" to the person(s) you found helpful. No one is going to be evaluated/ranked based on mentions made here. This is not voting; just the simple act of mentioning someone.

    Just to clarify, this thread is for positive feedback only. No negative comments or hate, please :)


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    I'll start things off to show y'all how it's done :)

    @treekram and @Fishrrman - I have found them to be very knowledgeable and they have helped a lot of people on the MacbookPro subforum, including me. @treekram saved me hours/days of trouble with my SSD upgrade.

    @Krevnik and @chown33 - Again, very knowledgeable folks, who provided detailed and helpful answers to various programming questions of mine in the Mac Programming subforum.

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