That 1TB hard drive may be plenty now, but in another three ...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 21, 2009.

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    though my dad told me when he bought a computer in the 80s that a hdd of like 50mb or so was sooooo huge, you would never fill it up lol
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    Three years?

    IMO, 1TB will probably be the smallest drive you can get.
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    This Macsimumnews site seems kind of like that in general... they had a guide to differentiating models of Macbook Air that essentially consisted of, "The original MBA has a micro DVI port and the revisions have MDP."

    I wonder though how this Parks Associates measures the average amount of digital content in a home -- what counts? Just stuff on PCs, or what about a stack of PS3 games? Do they count your stack of DVDs as digital content? Similarly I wonder what was projected to account for the tripling of digital content in the home... buying digital video certainly blows up the content in the home, but it seems like iTunes and Amazon and the others are not really achieving the kind of success that would account for this.
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    agreed. the proliferation of digital cameras certainly ups the usage, but thats tiny amounts of information. digital music has been around for awhile and while more and more people are moving to higher quality - which will eat up more space - that still wouldn't account for such a large amount of data.

    as you suggest, digital videos may be the main reason, but even home movies, and purchases alike have seen slow growth.
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    I'm sure my newly purchased 500 gb external HD will be just as spacious in three years as the 320 gb external HD it replaced (which lasted 3 years until hardware failure).

    Sure, everything is increasing (storage capacity as well as content size) but 1TB will still be quite substantial in three years. Hell, I could probably still function on the 40 gb HD that came in my 2002 eMac (which, by the by is still working well with room to spare). Technology just isn't that fast.
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    See, it all depends on what you do. My iTunes library (99% music, not high bitrate) takes 30 gigs or so... Right now my main store of stuff is on an 80GB drive on my EeeBox... the big question for me is that I really like having rips of DVDs in VIDEO_TS format -- with menus and special features and stuff. Even if I shrink it 50% with DVDShrink, that's still 3.5GB or so for most discs... now my four seasons of 24 alone take up 7x4=28 discs ... that's 98GB just for that. So if I rip 24 and Office and L Word and Alias and the handful of movies (don't have that many movies)... then a 500GB drive will fill fairly quickly... but I kind of want to do this anyway.
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    Dude, look at the pics! I got two 2TB external, one for Time Machine Backup of the other 2TB and Mac mini's 320GB HD; one for iTunes folder which it's currently 1.32TB in size because I have 179 Movies 7 are HD, 119 TV Shows including HD: 1,404 Episodes, 3765 Albums: 42,305 songs and 317 Music Videos!

    With Season 4 HD, Heroes starting September 21, Smallville Season 9 HD, Stargate Universe HD in October, currently Defying Gravity HD and soon Caprica HD Season 1. I'm already looking to get two 4TB Western Digital My Book II Studios II External Hard Drives! :eek:
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    Im about to buy a 1.5TB drive to replace a WD drive half the size that I bought around 2 years ago.

    Moore's law stated that computer data size doubles every 18 months. that's actually spot on for everything from storage to RAM. Things only get faster, and if 250GB was at the top 3 years ago, I would not be suprised if we were getting close to 8TB.

    Today I found 3TB drives listed as "Coming soon"
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    Was this article written by an 8th grader? Is he trying to impress us by saying "I remember when 250GB was so huge?" What, like 3 years ago?

    I'm only 30 and I remember when 1.44MB disks were huge. It would take A LOT of word perfect documents to fill that thing up. And I'm only 30. I'm sure our 60 year old friends have some stories to tell about bits and bytes and all that.
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    I'm 36 and I remember 5 1/4" Floppy Disks as well being in the 8th Grade when our school got the first Macintosh SE :rolleyes:
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    Apr 24, 2007
    So that means if Western Digital do that then 6TB Studio III with USB 3.0? :confused:
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    The average household has 298GB of space on their computer?

    Even I don't have that much. Where did they get these statistics?
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    I think the main problem with my hard drive space filling up is my lossless iTunes library :D
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    What a load of…

    I've only had three computers in my life: an old Packard Bell (no idea how much HDD space), a vpr Matrix (100 GB HDD), and now my MacBook Pro (128 GB SSD).

    The vpr Matrix's 100 GB of storage lasted be for almost 7-8 years, and never once did I come close to filling it all up, with music, photos, and games galore.

    With my new MBP, I have used 50 GB for all my crap, and I have all the songs I ever listen too and all my photos. 1 TB, for me, seems like I would have to go out of my way to fill—I could make a day job out of trying.

    Honestly, IDK how people have have 20,000 songs; do they really listen to even a quarter of it? I delete songs I haven't listened to in a year, sometimes less. What's the point if I don't listen to it? I have 392 songs right now taking up 2.62 GB of space. Video is the same. If it's on DVD or BD, why not leave it there?

    Point being, I don't like these statistics. None of my friends remotely need 250 GB of storage, and I really can't imagine most people do. (Video editors and professional photographers exempt.)
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    I have to strongly disagree. I'm neither a video editor or a photographer. But am now going why oh why didn't I upgrade my iMac to 1Tb when I had the chance. I'll know better for my next purchase.
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    lol, yes it is
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    As others have said, this OpEd is pretty much stating the obvious.

    It also depends on the number of people in your household, their age and what you use your system for. I have a 6 and 4 year old. In a couple of years they'll no doubt have their computers (Macs of course) with their own music and digital content. The thing is, is all a person is doing with their computer is doing email and basic word processing and spreadsheets, current hard drive sizes will last for ages. What eats up space of course is other forms of digital content like music, movies, tv shows, etc. Directly bearing on that is the quality of the reproduction e.g. is the movie ripped for replay on a big 52" wide screen TV or on an iPhone. Personally, the 5TB of space I have is a mix of home media server / time machine drive / XP Virtual Machine / Mac OS / ...
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    Actually, that I could more easily believe -- because there are tons of households who buy cheap Windows PCs that use large HD's as a selling point, but, the quote was actually:

    -- That they have used up that much space (although, as I said, I don't know how they're counting and I don't know if they're counting a stack of PS3 or XBox 360 games on optical media, which are pretty big but not on your HD), not that they have just that much space....
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    at the moment, I have two hard drives, both of which are approximately half full (give or take 5%): 1) the 320GB in my laptop (actually ~298GB, with ~135GB used at the moment) and 2) the 1TB external connected to it that I use for backup and my lossless audio archive (actually ~931GB, with ~511GB used up).

    what's crazy is that my first computer had a ~3GB HDD, and no one in my family would've been able to fill that up... my first laptop had a 60GB HDD, and it was a struggle to fill that for the 3yrs I owned it; by the time I bought my second laptop, though, I had started to toy around a lot more with audio/video encoding and had to upgrade from the original 100GB to a 160GB HDD (mostly to have breathing room, but also to make the transition to a drive with perpendicular recording). my third and current laptop (my MacBook) came with a 250GB drive, and I quickly managed to fill that up and eventually had to upgrade it and buy an external drive to accommodate my growing media library.

    the point is, with the addition of space, I continued to find more leeway for storing content (particularly audio and video), and while I still feel pretty far away from filling my 1TB disk at the moment, I'm sure that won't be the case 1yr from now- especially considering the fact that I now own a 12.1MP camera that also shoots 720p HD video.
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    That's why Apple made the Genius Playlist feature. Everybody has different moods so there's a song based on that feeling or emotion. I'm the one with 40,000+ songs. I also listen to movie scores and game soundtracks. Steve Jablosky Music Composer for Transformers 1 & 2 and Gears of War 2 Soundtrack. I might be in the mood to listen to that or I recently bought the Metallica Collection I might want to bang out. I got R&B, Rap, Blues, Jazz and more. 365 Days of the year I'm sure you listen to music every day. If not you really may not be a music lover. :p
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    Good point! Checking iPhoto and I got 11,604 photos 32 movies that's 8.4GB over a 9 year period! In the begining I use to take the 35mm to Walgreens to put the pictures on Floppy Discs now use Digital Cameras and iPhone. This also point out I may need to get that the two 4TB Studio II I may need rather quickly. I got 136.74GB FREE on my Mac mini hard drive if this fills up then that may be a problem I got 500GB Free space on my 2TB. I may need to get these by October. I can tough it out. :cool:
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    I have 50 GB allocated to OS X on my main Mac. ~25 GB is used. Now my Dad had a 160 GB drive in his Dell desktop and guess what? He could not even install all his programs because it was too "small". What does he have on it? Maybe he needs to clean out his documents folder which is the same one he has had since he had a AMD Pentium II equivalent. (which he still uses as a server actually)

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