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    An article reported that animal control officers discovered a home near Detroit with 178 cats.

    The cats were malnourished and many had injuries. Sixty of the cats had to be euthanized.

    The owners didn't live at this location and would periodically drop off cats.

    The floor of the house was sagging from the pile of cat waste.

    The owners could get up to four years for animal cruelty but who thinks that they will even get that ?

    Does there need to be more of a punishment for animal cruelty like this and what should it be ?
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    It sounds like they should just level the house now. It would be less effort and cost then to clean the house after the cats were removed / saved.
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    ... just when you thought property values on homes in Detroit couldn't go any lower...
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    I love cats and this makes me sad. Animal cruelty is and should be a crime.

    But before you throw the book at the people in this story, you might want to learn about the causes of animal hoarding:

    In a nutshell, animal hoarders are mentally ill. They quite literally believe that they are saving and helping animals. Wires are getting crossed in the brain somewhere. This tendency increases massively with age and/or with mental trauma like loss of a loved one. This is why it's so often the elderly doing it.

    For a first time offence, I don't think locking them up for years in jail is appropriate. Keep in mind that their heart is in the right place but their mental state is confused. I think education, mental evaluation, and guidance/intervention from family and friends is appropriate. Community service helping at the shelter and/or a fine to help take care of the animals seems more likely to have positive outcomes for both the people and the cats involved.

    Also I'd bet these people are infected with T. gondii, a microbe found in cat feces which alters human behavior in frightening ways. Pertinent to this story, it can change a person's behavior towards cats:
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