The 4th Street Berkeley Apple Store is Racist/Classist

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    Had a very bad experience where I was overlooked and ignored by Apple Store Employees. Came in with jeans and a pull over hoodie hoping to upgrade two of my phones. I asked for help and was ignored by every employee. Had to ask for the manager and he didnt do anything but try to sell me a phone. Very disappointing that I have to associate the Apple Store and iPhone with racism.

    I have never felt racism in my life but this is the first time I have and its due to Apple. I have a stable job and don't show off my wealth but it felt that they were judging me and didn't even give me 10 minutes to buy the phone. I stayed for a bit trying to get help but felt like an idiot chasing after employees. I know this isn't the the norm but the CS was so toxic here that it made me want to cry of how badly I felt trying to get help..
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    Are you sure it wasn't because (guessing here) you're a millennial and the store employees are millennials, and therefore there is a huge communication gap due to indirectness and passive-aggressive expression of dissatisfaction?

    Actually, if you've never felt racism in your life, I'm guessing you are younger than a millennial and haven't travelled within the US and have just stayed in the Berkeley Bubble. (I am only guessing that there is a Berkeley Bubble. I have never been to Berkeley.)

    Let me explain millennials...

    I've noticed the "just ignoring customers" thing a lot lately. And I'm an old white guy. I was raised with the silly expectation that if you stand in front of a service counter, and you are at the front of the line or have the numbered ticket that is "next" that you are holding up, somebody will ask "may I help you", or at least "what do you want?". Or at least will take their eyes off of Facebook and attend to your needs once you manage to jolt them from their important texting and ask for help.

    But, sadly, the fulfillment of this expectation is often not met today.

    Try using the word "bro" a lot (pronounce it "bruh"), chit-chatting (show ENTHUSIASM in your chit-chatting), and asking incessant questions that you should already know the answers to. That will warm the hearts of the millennial employees. They especially like the questions that will allow them to recite a menu of choices or alternatives.

    At least the Apple employees are not going to ask if you want "an alternative milk" with your covfefe.

    More seriously, do bring it up with Apple corporate. Racism or not, it's poor customer service. If others were being served cheerfully, it was racism.
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    Nothing you posted even remotely speaks of racism. It might behoove you to use the term properly.
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    I don’t see any support for your claim of racism.
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    Like saying Atherton lynches minorities.
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    Maybe because OP hasn't shared a photo of himself?

    OP hasn't stated his race. If he felt racism, I have to assume he is non-white.

    Let's hope he is not equating classism ("shabbily-dressed?" Jeans and a hoodie are not "shabbily dressed", though. It's how Apple engineers dress...) with racism. They are NOT the same and should NOT be equated.

    The slash / makes me wonder...

    If everyone else was being served, and the only difference between him and the others was the color of his skin, it is understandable that it would be felt as racism.

    Clothing? It's sadly true that minorities still have to dress better than caucasians, speak better, be more polite, etc. to be taken seriously and not seen as a threat.

    What is strange here is the statement of never feeling racism, if OP is indeed non-caucasian. I am wondering what universe he's been living in. I would like to think we have come that far, but we have not.

    So, I'm afraid I do have to ask OP - are you a white dude who doesn't understand what "racism" means? It is discrimination based on one's race.
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    Dude? Nothing suggests the writer’s gender is male or female. The writer could be a non-white female who doesn’t understand what racism is. The op has failed miserably to support the Berzerkeley store was racist or classist. By the op’s admission the manager helped him by offering to sell him a phone.
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    You are right.


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