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Apr 23, 2009
Picked up my white iPhone after lunch today. I have to say.. this is by far the best phone I've ever seen or had in my possession.
So any comments I made about it over the past week need to be thrown out..

Out of the box
It was flawless like the pictures on apple's site.. and so far, everything has functioned as it should.

In your hand
I've never held an iPhone before but I'm not sure how anyone can say the 5 feels light and cheap.. In my hands it feels solid and the weight is just right for its size and thickness. The white on aluminum back looks great..

It's been through half a day in my car, backpack, outdoors and it still looks fresh out of the box.

On the road
I tested Siri and Apple Maps.
First of all.. Siri is by far the coolest technology I've ever used.. I sent out text messages to my family w/out even looking at my phone. The messages were accurate and my family got mad when I said I was "texting and driving".. So.. using Siri while in my car is totally new to me.. I no longer have to wait till I arrive at my location to shoot off a few texts..

Tested it on my way home.. turn by turn worked exactly how it should.. no complaints with maps.

Phone calls
still to be determined. Calls on my end actually sound more clear than my old blackberry. I believe they sound just as good on the other end but my relative asked if I was using speaker phone when I wasn't.. so we'll see but so far it's great

Picked it up from the store @1pm with almost half charge. that lasted me until about 11pm with heavy, on and off usage. I can already tell that battery life is going to be perfectly fine on this phone.. nothing to worry about there.

Did not test extensively. But I purposely took pictures in bright light, directed towards the sun but not directly on it. All the images are sharp and only one exhibits purple haze.. which is a picture of a helicopter landing next to the sun.. . and it didn't ruin the picture so this is nothing to worry about.

I was always taught not to point a camera into the sun.. I'll keep it that way.

I'm not sure what else to say.. sprint is a little slow but I don't have 4G that will get better in a few months.


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Jul 24, 2008
Pacific Northwest, US
Congrats on the new phone! I was without mine a couple of times this past weekend and it's amazing how far it's integrated into my daily routine.
  • Wife went for a walk and I needed to pick her up but didn't know where she was without Find My Friends
  • Missed a cute pic of the kid
  • Could not check traffic to determine best way home
  • No messaging with the parents
  • No news / blogs
  • No Internet
It just goes on and on. Many things could be done by any smart phone but the iPhone has it all. ;)
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