The age old question: Mac or PC?

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    Jul 17, 2019
    My PC laptop is really old and is on it’s last leg and I was wondering if I should get another PC or a MacBook Pro? I’ve used Windows and Mac OS for years so I am comfortable with both.

    My graphic design professors are really pushing for us all to use Mac, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s due to “tradition” or their person bias. Are there any advantages to using one over the other?

    In doing some research I have come across the following reasons to use a Mac over PC:

    Optics/Tradition: According to an article by Roberto Blake, a lot of people use Macs because of tradition. Digital typography and Adobe Photoshop were both born on the Mac.

    Some professors have gone as far to say that clients wont take you serious if you’re using a PC. Is that really a thing? Have any PC designers encountered this bias with clients?

    Font Rendering: Another argument I’ve read is that Mac OS renders fonts better since it does it naturally which results in Windows looking sharper at the expense of not actually being a very accurate representation of the text. Is this an issue I should be concerned about? See below Windows on the left and Mac OS on the right.

    Mac OS Deliverables: While most applications are OS agnostic, sometimes clients want Mac OS only file types (ex: Final Cut Pro, Motion, etc). Have any PC designers run into this and how often?

    Looking forward to everyone’s feedback. Thanks.
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    I am not a designer, but am a tech in an Art & Design department at a CA University. My two cents:

    Our department requires students to supply a MBP.

    Most students bring one and are happy with it, but a small percentage use a Win laptop, usually because:
    1. they already have it (budget)
    2. they prefer Win (habit/adverse to change)
    3. they come from a Win house (parents won't/don't buy Macs)

    Generally speaking, most work is done in Adobe CC apps, and platform generally does not matter, so not much of an issue for design students.

    File sharing, printing, drive formatting, and other peripheral/procedural things are the biggest hurdles on a regular basis. The more tech-savvy the user, the easier to clear platform hurdles. Not all designers are switching platforms for designers depends primarily on the user.

    OTOH, there are specialty apps in every field that either are not cross-platform, vary substantially between platforms, or have platform-specific licensing, different versions, etc. Important to be aware of these hurdles before diving into a different platform. The safe thing is not to change most general businesses have been unwilling to use Macs for fear of unexpected hurdles. Just the fear of hurdles can be stifling.

    Design is one of the few areas where the tables are turned: folks stick to the same this case they use Macs like the rest of the industry.

    All that to say....IF you know that it can work (software & workflow), and you are tech-savvy enough to ready for occasional cross-platform challenges, Win should be fine in many design environments.

    Are design folks snobbish about Macs? Mostly, yes. A Win box may actually be frowned upon in some circles. It's a thing.

    Last thing: Macs are still more secure (less hackable, less infested) than Win boxes. While the gap has closed quite a bit with Win 10, there is still a real security advantage to using Macs. They also tend to hold their values better, and often have a longer useful life, which typically offsets the slightly higher purchase cost.
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    Not accurate.
    Digital typography predates the Apple Mac by years. Even Postscript typography predates the Mac. Macs were just the first common personal computer to support WYSIWYG layout, giving birth to the desktop publishing revolution.

    Also, while Photoshop itself was born on the Mac, digital image editing was not. A number of powerful image editing applications were in regular use well before Ps and most ran on platforms other than MacOS.
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    A computer is just a tool to get the job done and get one that gets the job done. It all comes down to your future clients or your employer and if they are OS specific or OS agnostic. Or even if you need a Mac for your course so you can keep some consistency with the workflow and be on the same page to pass the course. Once you pass the course; do you really need to care which OS you should be in. You can always sell your Mac after finishing school. It's not uncommon that I see students selling off their MBP after they finished some of their courses that may require a Mac. You can even buy a used Mac this way if you do decide to go the Apple route.

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