The Apple Polishers

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Steve certainly does have a knack for wooing the press. I argree with much of the article except the phrase "Mac ghetto." Just because we're a minority, doesn't mean that we're a ghetto.
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    A hell of a rant, and quite skewered in his outlook. Comments not really untrue, but from his bias it comes over as a rather sad article, that definitely dwells on looking at the negatives. Sum up rather pessimistic, and the tag assigned to the designers at Apple really trite.
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    This sounds like the beginning of the end!! Now it's becoming cool and edgy to sound off against apple....?
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    email responce from slate

    I've owned a couple of Macs, worked on a couple at my places of employment, and tried to buy the wife a iPod mini but they were sold out.

    I might buy one of those tiny macs if they came with a keyboard and mouse.

    On 10/14/05, Dale McBroom <> wrote:
    How many macs or ipods do you own?
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    Press != RDF

    While Apple does thrive on fanaticism, people are not fanatics only due to advertisements and PR. In fact, Apple creates some very compelling products and a great OS, both of which help instill some of that fanaticism.

    In fact, the iPod is a great music player, and better than most others in many people's minds. And, it is not overpriced compared to other players as many in the electronics press would have you believe. It's not that the new iPod is the end-all-be-all of the electronics world, or that it is the greatest PMP ever, it's that the iPod is a very compelling music player at $299 with its 30GB hard-drive and color screen with photo and video capabilities. People won't necessarily buy it for the video, but the video may keep people from looking at other (more expensive) music/video players.

    Sometimes a company gathers a lot of press because they create a good product. Or sometimes its just that the product is popular--that might expect all the coverage of Windows Vista, which is still not available yet but continues to garner about 1 or 2 stories a day at
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    This fool complains about the Apple fanatics when it is people like him who cause the fanaticism in the first place. Mac users have long suffered the FUD from morons like this who use ridiculously out of context statistics to marginalize the Mac platform. Our "fanaticism" is little more than an effort to correct the misinformation of the Microsofties. For example, Mr. Dipsh*t states that Macs account for a "paltry" 1.8% of the world's PC market. Of course he won't mention that the statistic counts every PC appliance from cash registers to computerized trash compactors. Would it be so terribly difficult to even attempt some journalistic integrity and compare the actual user base in specific demographics? A cab driver using a PC for dispatch and fare calculation is not the same kind of user as someone who uses a Mac for internet and email. Yet, they are treated as a 1 for 1 unit sale by the statisticians. Does is make me an "Apple Polisher" if I point out this disparity? Apparently so.
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    Sep 11, 2005
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    I was about to say the same thing about the statistics. It's actually very easy to lie with statistics, especially when an article doesn't tell where the stats are coming from, and in what context. I could say that most computer users don't use Internet Explorer in an article, which would be true if I defined computer users as Mac and Linux users (and let's face it, it's hard to actually use a Windows machine). That wouldn't be the way most people would define computer users though, and I'd just come across as an idiot to those who know better.
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    Maybe he should search the Apple product catalog and notice that all "iPod Photo"-sized iPods do photos these days. The iPod Photo didn't fail -- it succeeded so well that it completely replaced the full-sized iPod non-Photo.

    (The Photo name might perhaps be said to have failed, but that's a silly nitpick.)
  10. fabsgwu macrumors regular

    May 6, 2003
    Washington, DC
    I agree, I would also add that the price of the Photo failed, but the product itself was reincarnated as simply "iPod," at a better price. Calling the massive success of the iPod a "failure" is beyond me.
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    Don't the Apple bashers sound so winey any more :D
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    Jul 6, 2005
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    What is wrong with a SMALLER up and coming company like Apple to catch some positive press! This is capitalism folks why not boast for the underdog Apple. YES YES i know Apple is starting to get big and they do profit hungray things(I WANT A FIREWIRE CABLE) but we have had Microsoft RAMMED down our throats for so so long. I guess all i am saying is I like seeing Apple get such good reviews they make good quality sturdy products that look great are innovate and last much much longer then any computer Dell makes and has a functional OS that should last and be operable longer then all those previous windows editions.

    I say let the good press roll in UNTIL Apple completes starts releasing shoddy quality iPods and Comps, until then let the good and deserved press roll in!
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    Jul 4, 2004

    That's not the way things work around here... Whaddya want? A medal?

    I occasionally submit stuff -- if it makes a thread, then fine. Couldn't care less whether I get some sort of credit for posting a link and certainly wouldn't have the gall to moan about it. :rolleyes:
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    No automatic recognition is given for submission of articles as far as I know. The use of an expletive with ******* added after the initial letter is also not the right road to travel. I'll even go out on a perilous limb here and guess that your true intent was not "freaking." If it was, it would have been preferable to simply spell it.
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    On the right side of MacBytes is a list of top submitters. If you submit enough, you get listed there. That's the only form of credit, I believe. (But don't hold your breath, I think the top-submitter totals are cumulative for all time, so catching up would be quite a challenge :) )

    Having submitted a dozen stories or more over the years, I do it to share stuff of interest, and maybe have the chance to discuss it. It's not about the fame :D
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    Because they've been a Fortune 500 company for years. The idea that Apple are a tiny, vulnerable corps assembling computers in log cabins, hewing cabinets with their bare teeth and melting their own fillings for solder, is nothing more than press melodrama. They're big business like all the others.
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    Valid point, i guess a better way to describe them is a big fish in a sea with even bigger fish, if that makes sense.
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    Man, they'll let anyone publish online! I never thought the iPod Shuffle was anything great either, nor do I remember a big fanfare and 24-hour press coverage either.

    iPod Photo not a big hit? How else to explain the 74% market share? Fact-check much?
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    I actually agreed with a lot of what he was saying, except for the "Apple ghetto" 1.8% of the entire PC market (Yes, PC, Macs are PCs too) is a lot for a single company. Alot of people like apple products, just because they're "Apple", but then again, there's nothing wrong with brand loyalty either.

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