The Apple way - an excuse for oversights?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by billyboy, Nov 2, 2003.

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    I rate Apple big time, I can actually use a computer 8 hours a day, be productive for 8 hours and have no stress. I like the way they dont really impose themselves on me and go out their way to protect me from the daily bombardment that is part and parcel of daily strife I experienced being on the internet in Windowsland. So the Apple way does it for me.

    But I was thinking about their attitude toward undoubted problems that exist with certain aspects of Apple offerings - fw 800 drives being wiped clean by Panther, certain iTunes for Windows conflicts with say Adaptec drives. You can say the Apple way is to work hard, fast and imaginatively in order to produce user-friendly first generation kit that is 95% great for 90% of the people , then from day 1 of the release the Apple way is to prioritise and work flat out with, for instance, the chipset people to rectify the fw drive error, and you can bet your house it will be solved. Likewise they will iron out iTunes conflicts for (hopefully a small minority of ) PC users and introduce updates aplenty to make a great success of their products. BUT

    Is the Apple way sometimes guilty of glaring oversights or blatant "stick two fingers to the mainstream" attitude and do they resort too often to their "idiosyncratic super specialist we are different" party line?

    Surely the developers have stats for the most popular CD drivers in PCs, so even if the Adaptec driver sw is crap and an accident waiting to happen (I dont know if they are or not btw), but shouldnt Apple have known about the potential conflict with their iTunes sw? and how many FW 800 drives are there on the market right now that they couldnt have tried them all out to destruction with Panther?

    And they sort of justify the flashing lights on the Powerbook adapters with - its the surges in power from the mains that causes our super sensitive adapters to work not as consistently as they should. Sort of ass backwards logic, the electricity companies are wrong not guaranteeing a steady current, so Apple isnt really doing anything wrong - even though all adapters in the laptop world except those from a certain release of Powerbook work impeccably?

    I can see that by and large the bulk of plebby computer users like me would be happier if they had an Apple computer at their desk, so IMO the Apple way is intrinsically a good way, and I hope they do take over the computer world (ha ha), but maybe they could be a little less "right" and a bit more accepting that for instance whilst the majority of PCs are riddled with spyware and stuff that turns Apple developers toes green with disgust, iTfW software could have been more accomodating for the Adaptec brigade; they could admit their Powerbook adapters are not quite as practical and robust as they could be.

    I guess Im saying Apple get it more right than most, but their faults shouldnt be brushed under the carpet and just written down to the fact that they are so innovative that they are bound to have oversights - not acceptable if those oversights are glaring basic errors and misjudgements.

    Anyone got any thoughts?
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    Re: The Apple way - an excuse for oversights?

    Now thats thurough and right

    i must admit i think i was a lot happier with OS 9 then i am with my current 10.2 set up.. i'm having a lot of SCSI hardware issues, that were never a problem under OS 9

    IE, i install a driver to make the card work, after i restart it works fine, but when i restart again, the drive that it is supposed to be mounting doesn't mount anymore, and it's no where to be found in disk utility

    the manufacturer of the card can't help me because they don't support it, the chip-set manufacturer from who i got the driver can't help me because they seem to think it's a BIOS problem, and apple can't help me because it's third party and they don't wanna screw around with it.

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