The Ark Angel - Super Dimension Fortress Computer 2 (SDFC-2)

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    This is a new thread. This thread carries on the legacy of the SDFC-1. As such, this new computer DIY project consist of Enthusiast level hardware or rather SDFC class computing. Now, you might be wondering, what happened to the SDFC-1 from the other thread? Nothing has happened. It has passed on from my hands to a cousin whose love of technology and computers rivals my own. Long story short, he is young and the though of having something like the SDFC-1 is amazing for him, so it passed on to him.

    That out of the way, I find myself now in need of a replacement. Obviously, since the SDFC-1 was made and thought of with 2009 in full gear, this new computer will be thought with 2013 (and maybe 2014) in full gear as well.

    You can read about the road to building and review details about the SDFC-1 by Clicking Me

    I've got a general idea of what this new SDFC class computer needs and will require. I am open to suggestions and input you guys will have.

    General idea:

    • Intel Haswell CPU or current Ivy Bridge (X79 class motherboard support)
    • nVidia GPU (high end. I'm thinking the 680 series [no SLI])
    • Western Digital RE3 1TB drives (once again, 4 in RAID 10) [Storage and Apps]
    • 2x SSD [Recovery and Main] (this time, there are so many out there, it is a tough choice. One thing I know, is no SandForce controllers)
    • 1200W Corsair Power Supply (Given than nVidia GPU is present, I feel the power requirement will have to go up)

    Thoughts? Comments? Fire away!

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