the ati 9800 some questions.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by andyjamesnelson, Sep 27, 2003.

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    hello can one use ati's 9800 pro card on a 4XAGP slot? and what does it mean when it says:

    Power connection to the computer RADEON™ 9800 PRO MAC EDITION requires connection to your computer’s internal power supply for operation. ATI recommends a 300-Watt power supply or greater to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed.

    Do macs have a 300wat power supply? do i need some kind of connector?
    also why do pc graphics cards go higher in onboard ramm specs? whats wrong with mac... why carnt we have the same?
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    Re: the ati 9800 some questions.

    Macs have power supplies ranging from about 70 to 600 watts depending on model. I would imagine that the reason some PC cards ship with more ram is because some people are dumb enough to pay for it. It has approximately 0 effect on performance once it's above 128MB.
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    the 9800 is for 4agp, while the build to order version is for 8agp in the new g5. anyways 4 agp is yet to be saturated from what ive seen. the 9800 has been tested in all powermacs so if you have a powermac no problem but you might want to state your machine and what you want to do with it rather then just an arbitrary question.
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    There is a 9800 Pro that's 8x AGP that comes BTO with a new G5. It has ADC and DVI with VGA and S-Video adapters. There is also the retail 9800. That's AGP 2x/4x and has DVI, VGA, and S-Video. If you have a G4 Tower above 400 MHz, you probably have an AGP port and a high enough power supply. With a little research you can find out exactly what your power supply is rated at.

    And yeah, it would be nice to have a 256MB+ card, but I guess they figure most Mac people aren't gamers. It would be nice to have one of those high-end workstation cards, though they are expensive and not great for gaming. I hear they're working on it, but I'm wouldn't hold my breath.

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