The beer spill finally happened, but at least it wasn't my laptop :)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Thomas Davie, Oct 24, 2009.

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    I'm posting in here since I have a UMBP 17 and, well, beer was spilt on a laptop....just not mine :)

    I just started 2 weeks of holidays, so drove over to my girlfriend's house to stay a couple of days, bringing my dogs, beer, and my MBP. I set up my MBP on a computer hutch in the living room, and my girlfriend has her laptop (some HP 15.4" model I gave her about a year ago after it was off warranty) set up on the coffee table. About 2 feet off the ground. She has 2 dogs. Big dogs. A golden retriever and a vrey hyperactive greyhound.

    To set the rest of this up, I am going to be buying her a MBP in 2 weeks time, and was planning on doing so anyways, so thats why I (and her) aren't upset.

    I had just opened a 500 ml tin of EKU 28 (a high gravity esibock...nice and sticky with lots of residual sugars), and placed it on the end of the coffee table about a foot away from her laptop. I turn to grab a kleenex and when turning back I see her with the laser pointer playing with the greyhound. I just said stop or else your laptop is going to die. She had a few beers so she gleefully ignored me.

    Well, the greyhound jumped 3 or 4 feet and knocked the beer can onto the keyboard of the lappy and glug....glug...glug. Bout 250 ml of beer went inside.

    Did the usual (unplug, turn off, remove battery, turn upside down), but I'm betting it's dead. If it isn't at least it smells very nice.

    She does have other computers and a netbook to tide her over, so no biggy. The laptop was getting rather long in the tooth anyways.

    No moral of the story. No regret other than for the beer (it was a damn good beer btw).

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