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Discussion in 'Community' started by iGav, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. iGav macrumors G3

    Mar 9, 2002
    Yey... finally a real drivers circuit... the mighty Spa-Franchorchamps for the Belgian GP, along with Suzuka the 2 greatest drivers circuits currently in use :D

    Atleast they're back racing here, after a year off last year because of Tobacco advertisement issues in certain EU countries, it wasn't a dead cert that we'd ever see racing at this pukka track again, luckily commonsense has prevailed, although they've also agreed Hungary should hold a race until 2012 I think... so maybe not!

    So I'm abit late here with the thread, I've missed making my quali predictions, but I have to say such is the micro-climate of the place, that it'd be almost impossible to even begin to predict what the grid would be, and looking at the grid results it certainly has turned out that way.

    Changeable conditions that have thrown a nice twist on proceedings... with Trulli benefitting from no rain, a drying track and an opportunity to use the intermediates to there fullest advantage, it wasn't a given though until the checkered flag... Schu was MIGHTY on full wets, in torrential rain to only miss out on pole by .072 of a second, in conditions that caught out both Barrichello and Raikkonen... incredible to watch. :D

    Fantastic to see Fisi bang up there as well, the Sauber has been somewhat crippled by quali performance this year because of the Bridgestones, so they've frequently compromised their quali for race strategy but have had pukka race pace, so it'll be interesting to see what he can do from 5th on the grid.

    So then... as for the race, as long as Schu doesn't get taken out, or indeed takes someone out at the first corner, he'll win this easy... wet or dry! Schu owns this track, and should he win he'll become World Drivers Champion for the 7th time... a quite incredible feat anyway you look at it, and he'll also have won the Belgian GP 7 times!! may'zin!

    Quali results.

    1 J Trulli 1:56.232
    2 M Schumacher 1:56.304
    3 F Alonso 1:56.686
    4 D Coulthard 1:57.990
    5 G Fisichella 1:58.040
    6 R Barrichello 1:58.175

    Race prediction.

    1. Schu
    2. Barrichello
    3. Trulli
    4. Alonso
    5. Coulthard
    6. Fisichella

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    Aug 20, 2003
    sitting on your shoulder
    Holy crap! That was crazy! Michelin's got some questions to answer. And Ferrari pulled off something amazing in getting Rubens to 3rd! He saved my ass from dropping below 19th, after Button's tire forcibly de-laminated at 200MPH, and then I would have lost more points with Zonta's engine exploding, except he was still classified, so I lucked out there. Oh, note to JPM: That move only works if the other guy gives you room ;)

    And for those of you who remember last year's British GP... He's baaaaack!
  3. Counterfit macrumors G3


    Aug 20, 2003
    sitting on your shoulder
    Oh, I almost forgot, congrats to Kimi and McLaren for finally getting it right ;) D.C. sure had an eventful race as well, and still managed to get a pair! (points that is :D)
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    Mar 9, 2002
    Nothing like Spa to liven things up is there... :p when F1 comes to real race tracks, it's hard to see what is wrong with F1, plenty of overtaking, drama, multiple leaders etc etc...:D

    First off though... a big pat on the back to Kimi for scoring his 2nd win, he really took that race, took the opportunities handed and made them work, he was seriously lucky though not to have been penalised for the Massa incident at the beginning and I think had there not been that incident at Eau Rouge then he might not have been so lucky!

    Congrates to Schu for winning his 7th :eek: WDC, there's little more you can say about his season so far... quite incredible. He really drove the wheels off the Ferrari yesterday. Did you see the levels of wing the F2004 was running because of qualifying... it was near verticle, Ferrari compromised their race strategy for getting a half decent grid position, but in hindsight Kimi's and McLarens gamble paid off perfectly!

    As for the tyres... I think it highlighted 2 major issues, 1st are that the Michelin's are quite possibly on the absolute safety limit at the moment, it's not the first race that several of them have blown up this season, I've been reading that Michelin are launching an investigation into what happened, but we can't keep having races interupted because of unsafe tyres causing major accidents and SC periods.

    The 2nd issue is that the Bridgestones take far too long to come on stream after several laps behind a SC, making them easy pickings for ANY Michelin shod car (remembers Schu at Silverstone) they've sorted their one lap quali just fine, but if a SC period happens.

    Montoya's something ain't he... :eek: :p he pulls off a brilliant move on Schu at the bustop, and then takes someone off trying the same move. :rolleyes: Yet he bitches like a girl if he's on the receiving end of any firm treatment... :rolleyes: and even bitches when he takes other drivers off (Barrichello at U.S. last season, and Schu in Monaco earlier this year).

    I think you're right though... his moves require other people to give way for him to pull it off, and in the case of yesterday... Schu did Trulli didn't.

    A racing incident at the end of the day I think... he certainly spices things up alot though! :)

    the guy's a f**kin' moron...

    Now I wonder if that hack is going to run round Silverstone naked?? :eek: :p

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