The Benefits of a Small Market Share

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by OutThere, Oct 27, 2003.

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    Dec 19, 2002
    Now obviously there are many benefits to having a large market share in computing, like the support of software manufacturers and hardware makers, but I was thinking that the fact that Apple has a quite small market share helps create places like these, where everyone talks about their experiences with their macs. If Apple were to have 95% market share there wouldn't be such a dedicated user group, as with PCs, most people just use their computers, without a thought about what is coming soon or the cool new stuff that is on the horizon. With 95% market share there would be less innovation, or new and catchy products, because, like Microsoft, Apple would have to play to such a huge amount of people they would struggle to find a happy medium. One can argue that with such a large share there would be room for new products and designs, and that apple has never played to the interests of everyone. If one were in so perfect a position why would you mess it up? If one was sitting at the top of the world, and there was no competition why give them a chance? It seems as if having a larger market share would create a less than perfect situation. Right now if one goes looking for software for Windows there are many billions of programs made by Joe Java and Charlie C++, and when you try to find something specific there are always many choices, but it is hard to find a quality program that always works, is updated often and has real people to help you. I think that if Apple were to grow into a computer superpower, millions of people would grab a hold on the developer tools and begin to churn out typical rubbish that already exists in 20 different flavors, while trying to charge 39.99 for it. Now, I am not trying to say that all windows software is bad and mac programmers are faultless, I am just saying that there is a strong bloating effect in the windows software market. I think that as long as Apple remains a nice market, under 25% market share, there will remain such close-knit communities like this, and many satisfied people to laugh at the blind followers on the other side of the fence.

    --Thanks for reading this, I tried hard to keep away from the "PCs Suck" rant as much as possible, and to prove my point. That's my 2¢
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    Oct 6, 2003
    Personally I think this idea of small market share having any kind of benefit is junk. It comes from the pleasant emotional reaction we have when being a part of a small group with which we share some common theme. The main problems with this are that it can inhibit growth or change or acceptance of outside ideas. Besides, if the Mac community were to grow too large for our comfort, we could still find our own niche within that community, such as users of a particular hardware model, OS version, application, industry, or user type. This in fact has always been the case since it is not possible to know all Mac users. I certainly do not even desire to associate with all of the users just because they happen to use a Mac. I would much rather have the market share grow large enough that Macs can be a dominant player again and become cheap enough that more people can afford to buy one. Problems such as poorly designed software for any particular platform will be revealed to anyone who can read the reviews of those who have used it. More users means more reviews would be available. The benefits of having market share are obvious and any drawbacks are easily overcome. The drawbacks to dwindling market share are fearsome and the benefits are fictional.
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    Jul 17, 2003
    Adelaide, Australia
    I have to agree with yamabushi. This is a market economy where the ony things companies want is more money to please the share holders, so they invest more money,etc... This is obtained by a larger market share.

    There are any number of internet fourms, and benchmarking sites for windows based machines, the gaming community comes to mind. Also all the really good programs that arn't made by apple are released cross platform, because the developing companies want a larger market share.

    Also the inovations keep comming in the x86 world, especially in gaming hardware and software.

    Welcome to the real world

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