The Better Angels of Our Nature

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    Abraham Lincoln. First Inaugural Address, March 4 1861

    Whenever I think about what the United States means to me, I call to mind that phrase: The better angels of our nature

    Because, truth be told, far more than words like "freedom"; or "democracy" or "capitalism" - those words sum up for me just exactly what it is that makes this country of ours so special. Its what sets us apart.

    I see so many instances in our history where the better angels of our nature made us special. I see it in Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points. I see it in Franklin Roosevelt's Four Freedoms. I see it in the benevolent self-interest of the Marshall Plan. I see it in the generosity of the philanthropists of an earlier age - the Marshall Field and John Shedd that bequeathed their fortunes to institutions that live on to this day. I see the better angels of our nature in George Bush's kinder, gentler nation. And I it in John McCain's gentle rebuke of a supporter claiming that Barack Obama was "an arab."

    The United States, as a country, as a society, and as a people has always emerged victorious when we held true to those ideals. And I see our tragedies and our failures when we didn't live up to them. It wasn't the better angels of our nature that let FDR imprison Japanese-Americans during WWII. It wasn't the better angels that let Bull Connor turn on the fire hoses.

    And so, this election year, I think again about the better angels of our nature.

    And I see none of that in Donald Trump. None. Not an iota. I see a man who seemingly rejoices in saying the words "You're fired!" A spiteful, vengeful man. Assured of his position, mocking and prideful. His lawyers and stooges ready to rationalize whatever hateful words pour forth from his lips. Trump, who built his candidacy upon the idea of dividing us, of building walls. A vulgar, boastful, meretricious oaf.

    America. We're a better country, a better society, a better people than that.
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    Jan 19, 2014
    Wow. Nice word. Haven't seen that one before.
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    You cannot claim to be better than Trump while supporting Hillary who is worse than Trump.

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