The Biggest Deal About Macworld was the Name Change

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Apple Matters... ug.

    This, like most Apple Matter articles that I've read, is poorly thought out and worded. It's like they forget the first half of what they'd written.

    The whole beginning, the title and the, what was it, oh yes, a Shakespeare quote, all refer to Apple changing their name and refocusing. From this, all that Apple Matters can come up with is that Apple wants to be a games company. Forget that the Apple TV and iPhone are already forays into entirely uncharted waters for them.

    I found it interesting that Wired had a post on the exact same subject matter, but written so much better. The journalist did not feel like he had to surprise us with his opinion that Apple could make games halfway through, nor include a quote that didn't really relate, and didn't try to be witty in the last line. Oh, did I mention the Wired author included clever speculation based on available evidence, not just "I bet they could do it and conquer the market cuz it's Apple" guesses.

    I'm so sick of reading a headline I'm interested in only to find it's an Apple Matters article. I end up reading it anyways just to be disappointed.
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    I have more fun staying up all night clicking refresh repeatedly on apple's site when they're rolling out something new than I ever got from this MW expo. it was so hyped up this year.
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    I disagree with this article. Apple's main focus is still computers. Apple Computer is a misleading title implying that they only make computers, but Apple Inc. hasn't forgotten about the computer, not by a long shot. Apple is in the mood to do one thing, expose potential users to the Mac Experience for lack of a less cliché term. The iPhone, even moreso than the iPod will give users a glimpse into the integration and seamlessness that comes standard with every Macintosh.

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