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Feb 3, 2008
Essex (UK)
I'm a glutton for novelty things and when I first heard of The Brick, something drew me to it and my impulse buying ways got me - I bought one.....


What is it?
It's a full on dumbphone which also has some awesome Bluetooth functions and has a full sized & functional FM areal which can pick up FM signal without any additional wires (using headphones as an aereal for example).

Features as a phone:
  1. Voice Calls
  2. SMS
  3. FM Radio
  4. Micro SD Slot
  5. Ful sized Simcard
  6. 1 Month battery life (3 month battery more expensive option also on sale!)
  7. Loudspeaker
  8. FM Radio
  9. Music player
  10. Snake! (Yes the classic Nokia game is back! :D

Don't want to give up your awesome smartphone when out and about? The phone also features Bluetooth and can do all of the above but you can also use it as a Bluetooth accessory to your smartphone. Use the loudspeaker via Bluetooth and use it as a conferencing device or, play your music over Bluetooth on the Mono speaker.


I've not paired it to my iPhone (yet) but, paired to my Moto G I am able to send SMS messages from The Brick and also has full access to my phone's contacts, call log and telephony functionality.

As big as a babies arm.

My youngest posing with The Brick

Do you need this? No.
Will people look at you. Yes.
Will Samsung Galaxy Note owners feel inadequate by its size? Yes.

Anyone looking for a fun accessory to go with their smartphone should definitely consider The Brick.


Any questions on it, please fire away! :D


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Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
I LOL'd so hard at this. :D

My dumb phone has a 3.2MP camera though. Not the built-in FM though, you still need the headphones, haha. But who likes those kids that play music out of their speakers anyway? :rolleyes:
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