The Burning of the Cube

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    Apr 12, 2001
    We all know the G4 Cube and lament its passing, but some may be unaware that it was not the only cube design that Jobs broguht into the world. Before it (in 1988) came the <a hred=""]NeXT Cube[/url], a flat black cube, one foot on a side, wrought entirely of magnesium. In abe+e+e+e.stingly parallels the demise of the NeXT hardware, Simson Garfinkle (then NeXTWorld Magazine Senior Editor) let his lifelong passion for starting magnesium fires get the better of him and endeavored to set a NeXT Cube aflame. Read his spellbindign account of the ordeal in a letter written back in '93. Image included. Great read.
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    Jun 4, 2000
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    Interesting piece from the NeXT info page for Mac users.

    Q: What does Mach provide that BSD alone does not:

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    Jul 26, 2001
    two button mouse?

    Steve seems to be bringing more and more ideas from his NeXt company, and I noticed the NeXt cube had a 2 button mouse. Maybe those dual button mouse rumors are true?

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