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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by isus, Jan 13, 2004.

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    Jan 13, 2004
    i am a switcher from a long time ago...

    i was probably 12 or so, and my father had transferred into a school that used mac's... previously he used win 3.1. whee! anyway, at the time, our computer was a pentium 100mhz running win95. it was a beast.

    when i went to the school with my father, he usually let me play on his kickass 200mhz ppc with 24mb ram. a whole 24mb!

    i fell in love with mac os 7.6. i experimented constantly. i ended up screwing it up horribly one time... i don't know how, freak error i guess: i changed the desktop picture, i got the bomb (who remembers the bomb? ;) ) and when i tried to restart, it just wouldn't. i got a sad mac and everything.

    most of the teachers who realized i had a knack for the mac ;) had me help them with common problems (how do i open this, how do i add an attachment to my email, etc). our school still uses os 9.2, they have even added some dell's. we still get new macs, but they always wipe the hard drive and put their special 9.2 image with all the teacher programs on there.

    as of right now, i'm helping my band teacher make a high-quality cd of some of our music. on a bondi blue imac. he has a 900mhz g3 ibook, but it doesn't have line in, so...

    anyway, back to the ol' 200mhz ppc... my father got the 500mhz ibook with 256mb ram a while later. it's a great computer considering it runs os 9.2. when apple started offering jaguar free to teacher's, i jumped at the chance. i fell in love with it while it was installing on the laptop on the ride home from school one afternoon.

    around july, i'm getting a powerbook for college... i'm hoping apple has a g5 powerbook by then.

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