The Course of Trump Empire: How his candidacy is affecting his businesses...

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    This rings true to me but it's always worth keeping this old saw in mind: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics". That said, taking into account seasonal cycles, year-over-year data and a pretty robust sampling thanks to smart phone tracking, I found this a pretty compelling snapshot.

    Here are some highlights (Complete source article here, including details about methodology -- which I actually found more interesting than the Trump-specific info shared below).

    A blurb on "Purple States":

    And women really do love Trump.

    Okay, love may not be the right word.

    Their "caveat emptor":

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    A statistic is a snapshot within a point in time. It is not a lie by default, there are possibilities like omissions, oversights, plus other variables that don't have a category other than "human nature".

    Yup: Caveat emptor.

    Also remember, life would be more civilized if: Et factum est, et qui vendit, ad maturitatem

    Or in Spanish since reverse-translating from Latin showed how much bunkum a certain online translator is for lesser-used languages: Deje que el vendedor sea responsable , humilde , madura , con honestidad y humilda, but in either case probably explains why so many Americans are so pissed off right now - taken advantage of. Didn't a candidate allude to that a few months ago?
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    Because they have no love of God.
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    I guess I am wrong. Maybe Trump will no longer be a billionaire. Just a multi-millionaire after the election. Maybe go bankrupt again and again. People should avoid Trump Plaza anytime they stay in Manhattan. I like staying in the Marriott there near Times Square. Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is mediocre. Nothing special, Donald.

    I guess karma is a b*tch and her name is Hillary. Trump should've never ran for presidency. High risk, low reward for him. Oh well. You are damaging your career, Donny. Like Sarah Palin. After her 15 minutes of fame was up, nobody even views her Ice Bucket Challenge or recent bikini video.

    Trump's income will freefall to the non-billionaire club if he keeps running his mouth with zero plan of solution to solve it. Any worse, MC Hammer and Mike Tyson levels. Karma, karma, karma...

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