The Curse of the Apple Rumor Mill

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 11, 2006.

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    Description:: Apple's gift of frenzied innovation is also its curse, as we expect Apple to conquer new markets with the same speed and razzle dazzle. Maybe we can all take a step back to reality and not let the rumors dictate our expectations.

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    All absolutely true. But not without cause.

    A lot of these crazy rumors are coming from reliable sources like Apple patent filings.

    It is reasonable to assume that Apple has a product idea in mind when the file for patents.

    Of course, it's a huge leap of faith to go from having a product idea to actively developing a product, and an even bigger leap to go to a final design and release date.

    A good example is the multi-touch patent applicatiopn. Multi-touch technology is a very useful piece of technology. We've all seen the NYU demo of their version of multi-touch interfaces. It would stand to reason that Apple is investigating a way to use this tech in a product.

    But any speculation beyond this is just wishful thinking. You can not look at the patent application and conclude "there will be a touch-screen iPod next month", or "the Mac OS 10.6 desktop will be redesigned around multi-touch displays" or any of the other "rumors" that we've all seen posted.

    All this having been said, Apple used to be more open with their development work. You used to see all kinds of gee-whiz prototype software on the developer CDs. I remember seeing my first looks at WorldScript, the Speech Manager, and the Appearance Manager this way. Today, Apple is much more secretive, so the only sources for pre-release information left is the wackiest.
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    never the less, it does make people mad when the rumors are wrong.

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