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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by howard, Sep 16, 2003.

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    something i've thought about...

    it seems like whenever apple releases a product with a new design i thats beautiful...and i want my computer to look like that. the the next time a design is introduced i think...oh man, i love the old design so much, what if the screw it up?... well time and time again their designs have been getting better and better...which usually isn't the case for my taste ie: cars. the question is...will apples design of a new product ever turn out a lot worse than the previous model?

    btw i know this is completely opinion...but all are welcome.
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    Well, there are those among us who would argue that the G5 case is just such a backwards step in case design. I think the designs have the potential to keep getting better simply because new technology keeps coming out. Imagine if they eventually get OLED's in there, making them even thinner.
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    G5 Casing

    Apple has hit a real evolution in case designs I'd say since my first PB. Dark grey, then black, then white and titanium and now aluminum. I'm really impressed by the simplicity of their desings and I can't really imagine this becoming a problem until we end up with a featureless slate, then we'll worry about what to do next.
    As for the G5 I thought it looked really cool and once I saw one I really enjoyed the lines of the case, the front (wind-tunnel radiator that it appears to be), but I miss the G4 handles. I always loved that sweeping plastic curve. The iMac is also great, but I don't really like the texture of the curved base, I wish it was more the type of plastic that the iBook has. But, everything else is either fugly or follows Apple in a hopeless way (that's you Gateway, Sony)
    As for cars, there are some really hideous desings out there: Honda Element, but also some great ones like the new 350Z. I can only hope that Apple evolves like Jeep's CJ-YJ-WJ, I have an old CJ-7 and I can see the great classic elements that are in the newest Wrangler, and yet they contain evolutions in the design (more aggressive stance, full rollbar, smoother bumper) that look great IMHO.
    Keep it up Apple, you too Jeep.
    Keep the faith.

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