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    Apple did a really nice fricken job in making the iPhone 5 look sweet. I defiantly love the new back of the iPhone and it's thinness and it just feels rich holding it in palm of your hand. Personally one thing I hate about the new iPhone 5 is it's back cover getting scratched easily. Many owners of the iPhone 5 have been saying that the back of their phones have been getting scratched very easily. We'll lets go back to the days with the silver back on the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch back then was able to get scratched a lot worse than the current iPhone 5. So overall basically what I'm saying is that the iPhone 5 is doing a better job in holding up scratches compared to the older iPod Touches. That is very good because the amount of scratches on my 3rd generation iPod Touch are just horrible. But in the end I think Apple just put in some awesome work to the new iPhone 5 and I have to say its way better. You'll defiantly notice it right when you pick it up it will feel like you are holding a iPod Touch 4G but better.

    My scratched iPod Touch 3rd Generation

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    Terrible review my man , sorry but a review of a phone from a cell store just isn't interesting , great phone bad attempt at a review.
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    Thanks for the advice

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